Wednesday, December 31, 2008


HAPPY NEW YEARS PEOPLE!!! sorry I haven't been able to really post in so long. The holidays have gotten to me. <=] Right now I'm counting down to the new year and trying to come up with new years resolutions. so far I've got:
1) Do all my homework AT HOME and ACTUALLY hand it in the day AND period it's due
2) ATTEMPT to speak in nicer tones to my brothers
3) Practice my instruments at LEAST three times a week, instead of the hour before lessons

That's all I can come up with now, but I know that there's more I can work on. What are your new years resolutions?
The weather here in Arizona is getting warmer, and I passed out in a beach chair next to the pool for several hours today, and it was amazingly relaxing. I checked the weather back at home though, and tomorrow I will be returning to below freezing temperatures and ALOT of snow. I'm happy about the snow and the temperature part, but the weather will probably screw up our flight plans. =P I can't wait to be staying in my own house tomorrow. =] enjoy the first day in the New Year!!!! =] HAPPY 2009!!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Start Of A New Vacation

Currently, I'm sitting in an uncomfortably hard armchair in the 'president's' club at George Bush Airport, Houston, TX after an uncomfortable 3 1/2 hour flight. I have about another twenty minutes before my next flight starts boarding, so I decided to sign onto my new little laptop, and see if i can pick up an internet signal worthy of blogging. =] I hope all of you had an amazing christmas!! =] I'll add more to this later, but I've gotta go! <=]

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Just a quick post to wish all of you an AMAZING christmas! =] I promise to post more later. RIght now Im on my way to my grandma's and Im going to lose WiFi in like 3 seconds. =]

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Spoke Too Soon

Ok, sorry Ive been bitching alot lately. I dont mean to drone on about annoying things for that long. <=] I spoke wayy too soon on the whole 'snow day' thing, because yesterday, EVEN THOUGH IT DIDNT START SNOWING UNTIL LIKE 10 IN THE MORNING, we had no school!! =] It was pretty funny. I woke up at 6, just in case school was still open. Took a shower in pitch blackness, then half stublied down the stairs to find out what was going on. My parents are divorced, and my dad lives in the next town, so we dont get the school channel for the town where I actually attend school. So I was sitting there flipping through news channels looking for news 12, (which I forgot was ACTUALLY on channel 12!! All I remembered was that it was channel 17-something on fios, but we dont HAVE fios at my dads house!) I waited while they read off of a huge list of districts in our county who had a snow day and I was thinking to myself: 'holy crap there's alot of closings today!' then they annouced my district, an simultaneously all of my friends were texting me, trying to see what we could do together. All in all, yesterday was GREAT!!! =] It actually looks like we're going to get a white Christmas!!! =]

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I NEED A SNOW DAY. I AM SLOWLY GOING INSANE! everyone I know is getting on my nerves, teachers, family, ex-friends, brothers, etc. The weather people say that It's going to be a big storm, but that it's not going to start until like 9 tomorrow morning. Now, our school district is being extremely stingy with the available snow days and vacations. Every other district in our county gets 2 whole weeks off for vacation, but we only get a little more than one. Every other district gets multiple snow days, but we get only one. It sucks. On TOP of that, my little half-brother who lives with my dads side of the family in the next town, well that district has so many snow days that they gave him the day off tomorrow just on the speculation that there's going to be a dangerous amount of snow falling. But do we get that? No. We have to wait until the snow actually starts falling before the school will have an emergency evacuation. =P. onto lighter topics: COUNTDOWN TO HANUKAH: 3 days!
I CANT WAIT!!! All my friends and I are bringing gifts for each other on tuesday! =] speaking of which, I didnt actually finish holiday shopping! I have to get cards for people! XD hope yu guys are having good weather wherever you are! =]

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

(almost) SNOW DAY!!!

Ok, today didn't start off too well. It started snowing alot last night, and my friends and I got really wound up because we haven't had a snow day in a REALLY long time, and we were texting until like midnight. Then, One of my friends who had fallen asleep woke up and texted me while I was asleep at around 1 in the morning asking if they had declared a snow day. I was totally passed out, and my phone scared the living crap out of me, so I got up to flip on the TV and check. I was so out of it, I thought it was 6 in the morning! So I was up at one-o-clock sitting 3 inches from the TV screen (i was so tired, and I forgot to find my glasses) I think I was there for about a half hour, trying to find the local school chanel on the crappy 'Verison Fios' box (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?! IT IS FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND THE NEWS ON THAT THING!!!) I finally looked at the time, threw my phone across the room, and went to sleep until 6. It turns out that there wasn't even a delay, and the sanitation people put down enough salt to keep the ice away. <=[ Oh well. Hopefully it'll snow again, I really want a white chrismas! =] Right now Im SUPPOSED to me writing a research paper, but screw it. Ill do it at home, or during study hall, or... Or... Oh, who am I kidding? It'll get done eventually. <=] gotta go!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Header

Ok, I think it's a little hard to read, but for a first shot i like my new blog title background. =] It's been a long week, and I regret to say that nothing really new has happened. <=[ its been slow going, but every day i feel a little more energized for christmas!!! =] I think that I remembered to buy everyone gifts, and it's going to be a long, heavy day toting around everyone's gifts (but well worth it!) =] What do you guys do for christmas? Or Hanukah? Or kwnaza? How do you guys celebrate the holidays? For me, all my family members on my dads side go up to my grandma's house for christmas eve, and then we wake up at his house, and open presents before going to my mom's house for christmas day. Then we wake up at around 3 the next day and leave for a week of vacation before returning! =] This year we're going back to Arizona. It was beautiful there! =] I'll have to dig up some pictures for my next post. It's been so Long and we look so different! =] only 14 days 'till christmas!!!11 =]

Monday, December 8, 2008

1 YEAR DOWN!!!! =]

Ok, I was a total idiot yesterday, and when I was busy complaining lamely about my weekend, I totally forgot that it was December 7th, and officially marked the year point for my blog!!! =] I have to change some stuff later though, because the school computers flip out when I try to upload pictures and more music, Im barely getting away with posting during computer class like i usually do. <=] I am slipping on keeping track of the dates right now, i almost forgot that it was my friend's dad's birthday on Sunday! i either need to get more sleep, or drink more caffeine. lol well, Ill get back on blogger later and update a bunch of stuff, but right now, I have about 30 seconds to finish something, so bye! <=]

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dead Tired

Right now, my legs feel like they're made of lead. I spent about 10 hours this weekend at what I'd like to call 'softball boot-camp'. It was actually pretty cool, but I'm positive that I'm going to need a cane tomorrow to help me get around the school. =P It was this huge thing at Fordham university with these two players from the USA Olympics team =] And since I'm a catcher, I spent a total of about i don't know, 3 hours squatting and throwing. <=/ The first day was pretty fun though, I wasn't as sore. its a two day clinic, and on Saturday I did catching and outfield. The outfield was run by this coach from Berkley, and we spent part of the time charging at this mat and diving head-first into it! it was great, but now that I'm feeling all sore, i just feel like staying in bed for the rest of the day. =] i did get some pictures that i will upload probably tomorrow of the two Olympics players, Stacey Nuveman and Jessica Mendoza. =] it actually snowed here last night. Of course, it wasn't much, and now its all gone, BUT IT ACTUALLY SNOWED!!! =] Ive gotta go do something productive now, global homework doesn't do itself you know! (contrary to popular belief) <=]

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Is It Actually Going To Snow This Year, Or What?

December is starting, and the weather is crispy, but too dry! The same thing happened most of last winter too, it was too dry for any real snowstorm until after New Years! The tops of our cars was covered in frost today, and my crazy friends were trying to see if they could blow 'smoke rings' with their visible breath, but C'MON! I want some real Snow, not these flurries that show up, and then melt. I haven't seen 'real snow' in I don't even remember how long. By real snow, I mean the kind that packs good enough to have a huge snowball fight! =] Hopefully it'll snow soon. On another note, in 2 days, my blog will be exactly one year old! =] I found a list on another blog I read, a list of stuff about me last year, and I decided to make a special post for the year anniversary of my blog. =] I'll probably end up changing the title and description too, i realized now how stupid I sounded a year when I typed this, I just never really paid any attention to it. <=] gotta go, the bell is ringing! =]

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Weird Week

I've been talking to my friends about this, but this week has been really weird. All during thanksgiving vacation, every single day felt like sunday, and now this week, every day feels like friday. =P The weather is getting colder and dryer. I think it was like 36 this morning, and I could see my breath as I walked through the seniors courtyard in between classes. My computer was freaking out, so i couldnt post yesterday, though I tried to comment on your blogs. =] Right now Im lying on my bed with my kitty, Lucky, IMing people and blogging at the same time while listening to my playlist; i really should be doing this project for global. You are basically designing your own Yin-Yang sign. Im thinking of doing like, Bob Marley/Metallica kind of thing. Just opposites. =] Im actually getting pretty good at wire wrapping jewelry, so Ill have to battle my computer sometime this week and try to get pictures up. ALSO! I almost forgot! This saturday and sunday Im doing this softball clinic run by former and current olympian softball players! =] ill HAVE to get pictures up after that!!! =] gotta go! 21 Days 'Till Christmas!!! lol

Monday, December 1, 2008


I can't really believe that December's here already! =] (By some miracle) I'm totally done Christmas shopping! =] I got my best friends gifts, and cards for a whole bunch of people I know! Weather here in our suburb is really freaky. it snowed all of Saturday night, then it turned to rain. It POURED all Sunday night, and then today it was crystal clear outside with a low of 60! In other news, I totally bombed NaNoWriMo. I think I lost all my steam after like, 34000 words. so, Ill give it a re-try next year. <=] there was a countdown of the top 1043 greatest classic rock songs on 104.3 FM yesterday, and (not that I was surprised) Stairway To Heaven was numero uno. Gun's 'N Roses rocks, and stairway to heaven has held the number one spot for the last 4 years running! Ill have to add that song to my playlist... enjoy the last month of 08!!! =]

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Just a quick post to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving before I go upstairs and hang out with the rest of my family!!!! =] HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Be sure to be thankful for everything you have in your lives!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Random Thoughts And A Song

Hey guys. I'm just passing the time during X-period in the media center at my school. I've been writing this song for this club I'm in, and I want to run it by you guys, tell me what you think:
It’s either you or me
If you go down, you take me with you
I didn't choose this, it just happened
Don’t you get it? You pretend to.
How do you expect me to choose?
Its 2 halfs of me
I can feel it happening
I’m falling for you all over again

You’re always there when nobody wants to listen
You get me when nobody else does
I’m there when you need me
But it just didn’t work together
It messed things up, bad
Now I’m feeling myself slipping back
Feeling myself make that same mistake
Here I go again

It’s either you or me
If you go down, you drag me with you
I didn’t choose this, It just happened
Don’t you get it? You pretend to
How do you expect me to choose? Its 2 halfs of me
I can feel it happening
I’m falling for you all over again

When you were gone
There was a hole in my life
It was all gray, swirling around me
I needed you to balance my life
But it got too complicated
I’m slipping back
Slipping back to you
Here I go again

You had your chance,
We both did
It just didn’t work
It just got so complicated
But we keep coming back
Back to this

It’s either you or me
If you go down, you drag me down with you
It just happens, We didn’t choose it
You get it now, or you always have
You know I can’t choose
Its 2 halfs of my heart
It’s still happening, ...still happening

Any kind of constructive criticism is welcome. PLEASE! I NEED FEEDBACK!!! <=]
On to my more random thoughts of the day: I did pretty much nothing today except daydream. the only constructive thing I did all day was some geometric proofs during math, and that just about covers it. lol. I'm suffering from severe writers block for this story I'm writing for NaNoWriMo (thank you Aren! =]), National Novel Writing Month. The goal for this thing is to be able to write a 50,000 (minimum) word story. I'm stuck around 32,000 words, and I'm running dangerously low on imagination here. =P I was so out of it today that I had a staring contest with a wall during health class. Yes, they still force me to take that dumb class, even after shoving the material down my throat for the last 3 years. =P On the upside, I have no thanksgiving break homework! =] YES! now I can goof off with my crazy college-aged cousins without having to worry about some stupid project or whatnot. Well, now this bell's gonna ring (i just can't escape that, can i?), so I gotta sign off, and leave. bye! =]

Monday, November 24, 2008

Twighlight Movie!

Ok, This is probably going to be an abnormally-long post because I've been talking to my twighlight-holic friends all weekend, and there are a few different points we've made about the movie, and i haven't posted in a couple of days, so i might bore you to death with my currently stand-still life. ;)
1) Last night i was IMing this guy friend of mine whose gf dragged him out to see the movie. He was talking about how there should have been more of a fight scene between James and Edward. I totally agree, and so do pretty much all of my friends. All the did was smack each other around a little bit, and with all the can do with computers, they should've gone half matrix! Here's a little excerpt of our IM (he's in italics):
9:44pm: The only things I've complained about. Were the fact that James was killed off WAY too easily. And the fact he was killed off at all xD
9:45pm: lol. true. there should have been way more of an action-y fight . i mean, with all that they can do with computer graphics these days, they should have gone half matrix. XD
9:46pm: Yeah xD All they did was throw each other around a couple times, and then it's over :/
Basically the rest of our conversation was more of the same.
2)weird facial expressions. Was I the ony one who noticed the weird expressions Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewart had on their faces during some scenes of the movie? I swear it looked like Edward was crossed-eyed when he was getting the poison out of Bella's arm. XD
3) Some of the people were totally not like we'd imagined. Kristen made an excellent Bella, and at first I thought that they had casted Edward wrong, but Robert did a pretty good job. We hardly saw ANY of either Jasper or Alice, and personally, I think Jasper and Jake should have had shorter hair.
All in all, Was it a really good movie? ABSOLUTELY! Could they have done a little better? Yeah.
Now, on to my painfully average life. Nothing too interesting has happened. The usual, Come home, fake homework, read other people's blogs, swear at my computer for not letting me post, be forced to practice piano, blast classic rock to piss off the neighbors. etc. =] just kidding, my life has been GREAT!!! My band is currently rocking 3 cover songs: Fortunate Son, by Creedence Clearwater Revival, and 2 DOORS songs, Light My Fire, and Break On Through! The guys in the band are really great, and thank god that they're all ym age this time! Last time my music school placed me in a band, There was 2 4th graders (not to say that they were'nt great musicians), a 7th grader, and one other 8th grader (this was last year, when I was in 8th grade)! This year there's 2 other freshmen, and 2 sophomores. The only thing that hasn't really changed is the fact that I'm the only girl. I'm actually getting used to that. I think that there really aren't too many girls who play electric guitar either, so its mutual. I've only seen 1 other electric guitar playing girl at that music school, and she kinda hates my guts, most of the girls there take voice. Crap. I gotta go, AGAIN. Damn school bell. =/ Oh well, bye! <=]

Friday, November 21, 2008


Ok, I was a total idiot, and waited until the LAST POSSIBLE SECOND to buy my tickets. The only showtime that wasn't totally sold out was the 4:30 showing in the best theater. Now, All my friends pretty much bought out the other 4 shows, so my plan is: Go see the movie at 4:30, then go to the 6:30 show, and the 9:00 show. =]. Technically it wasn't my plan, my dad said that since he didn't have anything that i had to do around the house, he suggested that I go to the later shows so I could hang out with ALL my friends (since some only got tickets to the 4:30, and some got tickets for the 6:30). One of my crazy lucky friends has tickets to go see it in the LOWES THEATER in NYC, i really hate her for that, those tickets have been sold out for weeks! lol =] anyway,, hopefully all of you will be able to see the movie today, and blog all about it tomorrow! gotta go, the bell's gonna ring! =]

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Ok, what is it? like the middle of freaking November? it's been snowing outside since before school started, and now Im sitting in my 2nd period computer class wondering if it's gonna stop, or if there's gonna b a massive snowball fight during lunch. It's awesome and all that it's snowing, don't get me wrong, but snow causes ALOT of problems. Try lugging a guitar around in the snow to classes, or songwriter club. =P oh well. I guess I'll try to enjoy it before it melts.
Before the bell rings at 9:11, I absolutely HAVE to say something. Now, I'm not totally obsessed with this as some other people I know, but, TWIGHLIGHT SOMES OUT TOMORROW!!!!!!! GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!! lol. ok, the bell's gonna ring, and I have to hand stuff in, sooo arrivederci! =]

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Sorry I'm taking so long to post. i PROMISE to post more often. <=] I did get my glasses! (YAY!) and I'm now back to living in them every other day when I don't have aquatics. =] in my jewelry design class, I finished my project, and it looks so cool! nobody believes I made it, they all think I bought it somewhere. Ill get a photo of it up here after I get it back to my teacher for grading. Right now I'm wearing it. since I finished early, he let me wear it for a day before I hand it back. i absolutely LOVE that class. whenever I get bored, I walk over to the junk drawer (about 100 pounds of scrap metal in a huge drawer) and find the nicest piece of any metal, then I just fix it up, add a cool design or a phrase, and add it onto my necklace. I have about 15 little 'charms', and i also make them for my friend's birthdays. =] argh. ok, the computer teacher is barking orders at people, so i think she's going to go make a round and check everyone;s screen now. (ugh. computer class is pointless) so, I've gotta go. bye! <=]

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Need To Work On This

argh. sorry guys. I keep putting off blogging because whenever Im at my moms house, my computer freaks out whenever i try to post anything. usually I can sneak onto blogger whenever my retarded computer teacher is looking the other way, but not this week. now Im FINALLY at my dads house, which is like a vacation. i can do just about anything online (no parental controls), pretend Ive done all my homework, and do anything I want. unfortunately, my spoiled brat of a half brother has an upcoming birthday. (not that it matters) For the rest of us, the world revolves around us on our birthdays, for him, he thinks that people are finally paying him the respect he deserves by bringing him gifts. =P So pretty soon, Im gonna be begging for my moms house again. my crazy schedule has actually reached the perfect balance to the point where I can actually boast that my parents dont piss me off ALL the time. =]
anyway, im actually feeling really happy this week! im finally getting new glasses! (see the picture of them above!) for the last like, 3 years, Ive practically lived in my contacts, but that's only because I didn't have the heart to tell my mom that the really expensive glasses she bought me on a 'no return' policy were annoying and made me look weird. but two days ago, I was visiting the eye doctor (my eyes got so bad in 6 months that i had to go back really early) and I was looking through the frames for a new pair. I found these amazing frames that actually look really good on me nomatter what I wear! =] I can't wait for school on monday so i can wear them when they come. they said they'd be here on friday so i can wear them monday. maybe now Ill live in my glasses instead! =] gotta go, i PROMISE to work on posting more often. <=]

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I really can't say I'm surprised, I mean, for every 5 points Obabma got, McCain got 1, and it was over at like, 11. exactly when the west coast polls closed. I just have to say this, (i mean ABSOLUTELY NO OFFENSE to all you republicans <=]) YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing i really didn't like about McCain was Sarah Palin. My brother came up with (probably his only politically funny thing EVER) an idea for one of my many 'iron-on' shirts: it will have a picture of Sarah Palin on it (still no offense to republicans) and say in huge quotes: "I'LL BE BACK IN 2013!" hopefully, you guys will pick it up faster than some of my friends. anyway, I was up until like 1 watching speeches over and over again. I was watching the crowds on TV after Obama was projected the winner, and i was like 'OMG! Jesse Jackson is just standing in the crowd crying!'. it was a special moment. I was over at one of my mom's friend's houses when they announced Obama the projected winner, and it was like new year's eve when they showed Cali, Washington, and Oregon Blue! There was screaming, and my brother actually showed more interest in politics then than I've ever seen in his whole life. I'm actually feeling really deep right now...
It was like watching history get made, only we were a part of it. He will be the president for the next four years, and we're finally old enough to fully understand what that means. Finally America can stand up and say everyone's equal. hopefully there will be a woman president soon. and who knows where we will go from there.
Ok, the deep feeling's passed. =] I am extremly proud of myself this quarter in school. Ive managed to fake 2 projects, 5 essays, a whole quarter's worth of homework assignments, and still maintain my B-to-A grades. =] by 'fake' I mean 'put-off-till-the-last-possible-second-and-do-it-during-lunch-or-Latin' I mean, we havent learned anything new in latin since 2 years ago. according to the state standards, me and the only other 8 people in our level (who have taken lating together for the last 3 years, minus the new sophmore girl) are learning alot, but all we do is translate stories. =/ so i jsut do my geometry and global homework. the way my schedule works, I have latin class 4th, geometry 5th, and global 6th, so it lets me 'fake' all homeworks for those classes. =] It's really a bad habbit, and i keep telling my self I'm going to break it, but i just can't. It's addicting, and it's erased the entire feeling that probably ties all of your stomach's into knots when you forget to do something. It used to make me nervous, if i forgot to do a homework, and then had to do a rush-job to finish it during some other class, but now, I just can't get myself motivated enough to actually do it at home. =[ I've gotta work harder on that. on to new topics: There's this songwriters club that meets every thursday and monday. I think I'm gonna bring my guitar to school tomorrow and gibe this club a shot. who knows? maybe I'll like it! =] Spring sports... I know it's probably a little too early to be really considering it, but the softball coach wants a definate answer from me now. i dont know why. maybe because all my softball friends who said they were doing softball in the highschool? yeah them? well, it turns out they're NOT doing softball this year, so he's probably all wary of who's gonna drop. I'm still torn between lacrosse and softball. I was a great lacrosse goalie, but it hurts to play lacrosse. Im good at softball, and its mainly painless, but all my friends are going to be playing lacrosse. I dont know. i'll probably end up doing softball anyway, because it's what i love, that's what it's all about right? wow. this is my longest post in a while. I've gotta get some sleep though. Ive been up late every night for a week, and it takes it's toll. 'nite everybody! lol =]

Sunday, November 2, 2008


YES! this halloween rocked!! =] I got to hang out with my best crazy friends all night! =] we stayed about as far away from our school as humanly possible, because of the cops, and ended up having an enormous shaving cram WAR!!! =] it was great! we got our first trick or treaters at like 4, so i had just gotten back from school, and my mom was handing out candy to these tiny kids! it was sooo cute! <=] We walked around my friends neighborhood, on the other side of the city, then we walked back to my neighborhood, where we washed off the shaving cream, and watched scary movies until their parents picked them up. overall, it was a great night! =] I just put the finishing touches on my freakishly long 24 page project, and now that Ive gotten rid of ONE project, THREE more spring up. So, by thursday, I have to write 2 essays, and create an entire civilization for global. =P i feel kinda ill from all the cany I ate, but at least my foot feels better now. it was just sprained. =] im gonna go get ready for tomorrow, cause like always, i didnt do ANY homework. =/

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I think I just had the crappiest day in the history of my crappy days:
1) i was so out of it this morning, that when I brought my aquatics stuff in for gym in a plastic shopping bag, i sat down in the hallway with my friends while waiting for the first bell to ring, then walked away and forgot it there until 2nd period. by then it was too late, and it was nowhere to be found. what does one DO with a swimsuit and towel anyway? its not like you can sell it for good money!
2) I was forced to take a bus home for the first time in like, i dont know, 4 years? I made it on before it left, got a good seat, etc. it was fine. then, my stop was on this narrow 2 lane 2 way street. there was no sidewalk, and barely any grass. So naturally, because of the heavy trafic on that street, i hopped up onto the curb and started baancing my way down the street on that while i waited for the bus to pass me so i could walk in the street. when I was about to step down from the curb, my shoe slipped, and I twisted my ankle pretty badly on the way down. I managed to pull myself together before anyone on the bus could think: 'hey! that little freshman girl jut tripped on the curb!'. I walked really gingerly home, and all of a sudden, my mom starts freaking out. I usually dont make a big deal out of getting hurt, but this REALLY hurt. I mean, with brothers and sports combined, yeah, i get hit alot with things. I have lots of bruises, and they heal within two weeks tops. but this was like, if i rotate my foot too much, i collapse. It really sucks, and whatever dignity i scraped together after i slipped off the curb earlier will be stripped from me if it turns out i actually broke my stupid foot. >=[
3) My mom got really pissed off that i didnt do any work on this project of mine until i got to her house, so she wrote this big long pissed off e-mail to my dad complaining that we never do any work when we're at his house. this is so not true. I actually DID do work, contrary to popular belief, but its not much, and there's still lots to do.
4) It MONSOONED (spell check?) yesterday, and the cardboard box I spraypainted like an Ipod for halloween MELTED!!! I swear I had No idea that it would rain, but it did, so now Im screwed unless i can get a great new halloween costume by tomorrow. =/
so over the course of one day, i become: failing aquatics from missing classes (because i forgot my stuff), a cripple (which sucks), and stuck sitting down for the rest of the night with my dad hanging over my shoulder to make sure Im doing schoolwork. =[ On the brighter side: I just figured out what I can use for my halloween costume!!! There's this uniform store near my house. It's basically a store where nurses get scrubs, and police officers get uniforms, and custodians, and crossing guards, etc. So i plan to go there tomorrow and buy up a 'professional looking' pair of scrubs, throw red paint on them, put a 'bloody' rag around my foot, and hobble around like a zombie surgeon or something. lol XD oh well. ill write more after HALLOWEEN!!!! =]

Friday, October 24, 2008

Long Week!

This was really long-feeling week. I think it has something to do with the fact that for the past three weeks we only had four days of school and then a vacation day for some remote religious holiday. Oh well. Whatever it was, it made this week seem REALLY long. sports are officially over. we won our last game against our rival school Ursaline (really ugly name for a all girls school =P) and then the entire team went out for pizza. I managed to get hit in the knee really hard on the LAST day, so of course my knee is now black and purple. >=[ Oh well. Softball 'clinics' (pre season unofficial practices) are now starting on Saturdays. I'm going to try to go to all of them. I need all the edge i can get if I'm shooting for varsity this year. Halloween's almost here! =] here's how I predict my evening will go: 1) i will be stuck dragging my younger siblings around the neighborhood for about an hour. 2) then I will ditch my costume somewhere and meet up with a whole bunch of my friends at one of their houses. 3) We will probably get into a HUGE shaving cream fight in the street and end up completely COVERED in it. 4) on our way back to our own houses at like 11, we will probably do each other's hair with freaky styles because all the shaving cream in it will act like gel. That was basically a re-cap of last year, so i pretty much expect more of the same this year. =] I went to our town's Friday night skate at the local ice rink. I realized how bad at skating I'd gotten, so i took the whole evening re-teaching myself all the things about skating I'd forgotten over the summer. Now I'm dead tired, and I probably bought around $8.00 on Pepsi today. ($1 a can) So not only am I exhausted, all the caffeine I ingested had me totally wired. I'm going to go to bed and TRY to sleep, that way I have some prayer of being able to function tomorrow. =] goodnight!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's WAY Too Cold Out To Still Be Fall

Ok. For the past week, the temperature goes something like this: 60-70 degrees in the daytime, and 20-30 degrees in the nighttime. unfortunately for me, since it gets dark so early, all of my current field hockey games are considered night games. =[ yesterday we got our butts kicked by the 2nd best team in the league. oh well. there's only 2 games left, and then the season's over. we have to clean out our disgusting locker room, and get ready for the winter sport season. all of my friends are doing winter track, but i cant =[ so im just gonna go to some of their meets. if i miss any more music lessons, i wont be able to make them up. =/ HALLOWEEN'S ALMOST HERE!!! =] i decided that Ill just dress up as an ipod. i only have to wear it for a couple of hours while i watch my siblings, then i can turn them over to my family and just go catch up with my crazy friends. we'll probably just end up in a huge shaving cream war on south Lexington st. anyway, just like last year. =] ive gotta go, but ill try to post more often! =]

Monday, October 13, 2008

Day Off Of School

Whoohoo! thank god ive got no school today. i needed an extra day to relax and do nothing. =] unfortunately ive got alot of HW that i didn't do over the weekend (Which I'm currently procrastinating <=]). tomorrow is another field hockey game and then (Hopefully not) a piano lesson. =[ my cat's birthday is coming up soon (thank all of you for the great comments on his picture =]) he turns 3 this year. to remember how cute he was, im probably going to post some pictures of my little brother Gabe getting attacked by him 3 years ago. =] (They're pretty funny) Halloween is in two weeks!!!! I have no idea what i'm going to be this year (if im going to be anything) i dont know. last year a friend of mine (A guy) dressed up as a waitress. lol he even wore lipstick and mascara! =] im going to get back to my homework. i actually want to get it all done, and i have alot left. <=] Bye guys!

Friday, October 10, 2008

(Define) 'Normal Friday'

Ok. today was a traditional, and weird friday. this friday was actually a friday, but it was a half day because our school had a pep rally starting at 1. so classes were 30 minutes long, and by the time the teachers had us all settled down and gave us papers the bell would ring and we would leave. The pep rally was basically like every school organized function: overly 'peppy', cheesy and with tacky decorations. but i have to say that the pre-show 'powder-puff football game' was pretty amusing. =] imagine 50 junior girls vs 50 senior girls at a game of flag football. and my varsity field hockey friends were in it, so i was pretty much obligated to go. me and the rest of the JV field hockey team sat in the middle of the bleachers and we shouted cheers the loudest for our sport. Then, after the pep rally, both the varsity and the JV field hockey teams took an hour-long bus ride to fishkill NY where we played the John-Jay Patriots. varsity got their butts served up to them on silver platters (as usual. i think their record it 1 win, 12 losses), and we JV managed to hold on to what little dignity we had left after our 0-0 tie. after we got back at around 8, and got our crap back into the locker room, some of us decided to go to our football team's last home game. i really wasn't feeling too great (and i dont like football much either) so i went home instead. I got home, got some dinner, grabbed my little fuzzball, Lucky, and went up to my room to get online and talk to all of you. sorry, im rambling on now, so goodnight! =]

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Ok, since tomorrow I have no school because of a jewish holiday, my friends and i declare today to be a practical friday! Everyone at my school calls the day before a holiday a practical friday because it makes everyone more excited about the days off. tomorrow i HOPE to be able to see this great friend of mine. He's been on like, ultra-grounding for the last 2 months all because his older sister is a total screw up. =[ if i cant though, Ill probably just get out with a bunch of my other psycho friends (you know who you are) and see a movie or something. =] hopefully, (if you dont go to a private school) you will all enjoy tomorrow's day off, and Ill try to post more regularly! <=]

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy New Year! (sort of)

Ok, it's finally a school vacation, and what happens? 80% of my friends are stuck at relatives houses because its the Jewish new year. =/ well, at least there's no school! =] sorry its taken me so long to post. ive gotta let the rest of you know that I changed my address. <=] anyway, tomorrow school starts up again, and we start getting homework again. =[ we have another field hockey game tomorrow, and hopefully we wont suck too bad because lately, the JV team has not been doing too well. music has started again!! WHOOHOO!!!! =] I love my guitar classes, even though my teacher can be kind of callous. oh well, he's a great guitarist though. the bad news is that one of the people who run the school expect me to take voice as well as guitar. as much as i want to take voice, if i do i will be in the same voice group as this girl who hates me for some undefined reason. I really dont know what her problem is, I mean Ive like, never talked to her, and she's hated me since she came to our school. So i really dont see what i can do to lighten the moment if we're forced to share the same 100 square foot space for an hour every week. <=/ oh well, at least i have all semester to figure this out. =] enjoy the short week!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Address!

Ok, I have a blogger account (of course), but I never actually belonged to blogger until yesterday. My address was run off of my family's website,, and not off blogger, like all of yours are (ending the address in ''). so, now that I DO belong to blogger, I can work on getting the following gadget, and actually customizing my background, which I couldn't do before. My new address is:, just to let all of you know. I have alot of exploring to do now on the blogger website, because now i can actually use half the crap they advertise. =] ill post more soon!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Ok, Tagged again! =]

Ok, back to that same tag i got about, i dont know... 15 posts ago? i dont remember right, but you guys probably all know it. its the "6 QUIRKY THINGS" tag. =]
Ok- rules,
1) link who tagged you - Alyssa
2) post the rules
3) list 6 quirky unknown facts, or little known facts about you.
1- I have the same birthday as my mom, i was her favorite birthday present. =]
2- Most of my best friends are guys, which makes me more laid back, and less 'jumpy' than the other stuck-up girls in my school. =]
3- I listen to really old music as well as some popular music. (as you can tell from my really varried songs on my playlist)
4- Our family went kind of crazy with cats. we have 8 of them right now, and i love them all! =]
5- I usually sleep 5-6 hours tops on weeknights, but catch at least 12 hourson weekends
6- I love any and all sports. i'll try any athletic thing once. i went through so many sports trying to find my favorites, the ones i would stick with for the rest of forever: Softball, and Field Hockey. =]

4) Ok, now to tag 6 fellow bloggers:
1- Em
2- Ellie
3- Raspberry
4- Another.Ellie
5- Taffy
6- Sydney

Ok, i think i completed this thing again now! =] enjoy guys!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Week

Ugh. we just lost another field hockey game, and weird as it seems, i actually enjoyed the game! the other goalie started sucking, and then everyone started cheering for me to get back into the game, so it was fun. =] i have ANOTHER game today, in about an hour actually. right now im sneaking around with three other people from the team in our school's library, using the computers without telling anyone. We had a quiz today in my new social studies class, and the very last question on it was really funny, ok? here goes: 'hat is your favorite kind of cheese?' lol. it was hilarious. this really bitchy girl in my class was sitting really close to me, and her entire face scrunched up as she tried to make sense of what he wanted from us. he really did want to know what kind of cheese we liked! XD well, it's off to the locker room to get ready! ill post more tomorrow, or the next day, or whenever i can get to a computer. <=]

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Losses And Gains

Ok. It's been a really tiring week (please bear with me and imagine pauses here. the 'comma' key on my crappy old laptop is broken) and tomorrow ends it all. we lost our game against arlington (comma) but they only scored twice against the other goalie in the second half so my record is rebuilding itself after all the shots they took on me! =] i finally talked my way into an honors social studies class so i can escape all the retards that are in my current class. never again will i make the mistake of refusing to apply for honors each year. =/ those are the losses and gains of the last two days (comma) and i hope you all enjoy your Fridays! =]

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Game Week!

Ok! whoohoo! While Varsity is getting their butts handed to them on silver platters, we, the JV team are kicking MAJOR butt! yesterday we won 4-0 against South, and tomorrow, we play Arlington (i have no idea where that is). WOOT WOOT!!! lol. im really excited, and everyone else is really pumped up. tomorrow i get to cut last class to tag along with the Varsity team's earlier game and keep score and time and stuff! im really happy that i get to miss half of bio, but i need to find some food i can get for dinner, because our bus wont get back until at least 8 at night. Hopefully i can get an extra pizza or something at lunch, and just bring that, because i have no idea what i can get that wont spoil before 7. <=/ oh well. i'll figure that out in teh morning. enjoy the rest of the week! =]

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Where did the weekend go?

ok. im really tired right now. i just came back fro my stepmoms office picnic, covered in whipped cream (dont ask) and still tired from staying up all night on the internet. (isnt it amazing who's up and IMing at 4 in the morning?). anyway, right now im procrastinating about 3 hours of HW that i barely started in the last few hours of a gorgeous sunday. im probably going to procrastinate a while longer, but i have to really think about it. i mean, i have another JV field hockey game tomorrow, and i dont really want to feel like 'night of the living dead' when im protecting our goal... so i might get off really soon. ill figure it out eventually. ugh. i really hate all the HW i get in 9th grade, but its bearable because i told my parents i was going to im somebody about the game tomorrow and totally lied and said i had no HW. if i had said that i had HW they would be hanging over y shoulder to make sure i was doing it right. i always do my HW right and i HATE it when people read over my shoulder, but parents just dont get that i guess... well ive really got to get to work now. i want to win tomorrow and try to pick up my un-scored upon record again. =] enjoy the last few hours of Sunday!! =]

Saturday, September 13, 2008

First Field Hockey Game

WHOOHOO!!! we rocked Carmel!!! 3-1. im upset that my record of being unscored upon (as a goalie) is gone now, but they only got one on me! so im not that upset. ill probably add more on this post tomorrow, but right now i really tired and spent the better part of the day sweating my butt off on a turf field under 50 tons of padding in a sun shower, so, goodnight! =]

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Real Week Of School

Ok, our High school is currently shrinking from the "OH MY GOD IT'S THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, THIS PLACE IS HUGE!" size, to the "ok. im still alive, i know the way to my classes, i can do this!" size. i still get kind of lost occasionally, but i do know my way around pretty well, and that's all that counts. =] everything is good so far, and i get to see all my older friends in some classes, and it still seems like we're all still in this summer daze while we're trying to wrap our minds around the fact that summer's over, and school is here. my favorite classes so far are Jewelry design 1, and geometry. you're probably all thinking that im a geek for liking geometry, but i not. i get to see all of my friends in geometry, my teacher is great, and im actually good at math this year! jewelry design is also really cool. it was boring in the beginning because the teacher had to lecture us on using the machinery, but tomorrow we all get to start our first project: making a ring. it sounds really fun, and my partner is this really cute sophomore guy. =]
Field hockey is going great. the running is really hard, but im not giving up. when all the seniors left for their class trip, i had my one real chance of setting a new record for the 3 mile run. i finished first out of the Mt. Carmel. im really nervous, but ive been training for almost a whole month, and i think im ready to begin the season and try to hold my standing goalie record of being un-scored upon! wish me luck! =]

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Last Day Of Summer!

i still can't fully believe that summer's over, but today was freshman orientation, so that is a little more believable. i have so many classes in the huge High School, that i don't really know how I'm going to find them all! some of my sophmore friends gave me a grand tour after pre-season ended, so now i have a vague idea of where i have to go for my classes, but i don't know exactly, so tomorrow, I'm going to be wandering around lost for a while before i get to where I'm supposed to be. wish me luck! <=]

Sunday, August 31, 2008

End Of Summer

I cant believe that summer is almost over already! it still feels like the begining of july when me and all my crazy friends were so bored that we'd all group up at my house and try to think of something to do! now there's only 3 days left of summer!!!! my life is about to become so much more busy and complicated at highschool. thank god i know people in higher grades there because freshman here are treated roughly. what with sports, and music, and homework, i dont know how often ill be able to blog on here with all of you! <=/ so this is sort of a cross between a goodbye post, and a warning, that even though i will be here, and reading like always, i dont know when ill be able to post anything new, or worth reading until i get settled in at my new school. now, its labor day sunday and i intend to live it up for all its worth! i still have three days to mess around with my psycho friends before i get slammed with a ton of commitments so im going for it all!!! =]


Thursday, August 21, 2008

random thoughts

i copied this from Taffy's blog. =]

001. real name → olivia
002. nickname → Liv
003. single or taken → single
004. zodiac sign → Pisces
005. male or female → female.
006. elementary → Post Road
007. middle → anonymous
008. highschool → anonymous
010. long or short → long nails. Medium long, layered hair
011. are you a health freak → uhh, no
012. height → 5'2
013. do you have a crush on someone → a couple.
014. do you like yourself → most of the time.
015 piercings → ears.
016. tattoos → maybe. eventually.
017. righty or lefty → right.

018. first surgery → noo.
019. first piercing → 13.
020. first best friend → jackie!
021. first award → perfect attendance, kindergarten
022. first sport you joined → soccer, kindergarten
023. first pet → cat, Stella
024. first vacation → florida
025. first concert → Bon Jovi
026. first crush → Nick

027. eating → pez?
028. drinking → no
029. i'm about to → leave for my dads house
030. listening to → mom mutter to herself and collide, by howie day
031. wearing → old vintage top, and tan shorts.
032. mood → bored, anxious

033. want kids → yep.
034. want to get married → hopefully...
035. careers in mind? → doctor
036. see yourself in 4 years → Harvard pre-med.
037. college → Harvard Pre-med

038. lips or eyes → warm eyes.
039. hugs or kisses → kisses.
040. shorter or taller → slightly taller
041. romantic or spontaneous → spontaneous.
042. nice stomach or nice arms → your supposed to pick!?!
043. sensitive or loud → sensitive
044. hook-up or relationship → i like relationships better
045. trouble maker or hesitant → trouble maker.

046. kissed a stranger → noo0
47. drank bubbles → um... yeah?
048. lost glasses/contacts → yes.
049. ran away from home → for brief periods of time
050. broken any bones → arm. Last year. It sucked
051. broken someone's heart → nope.
051. been arrested → nope.
052. turned someone down → jens
053. cried when someone died → yes.
054 liked a friend → all the time (GUYS people!! Guy friends!!)
055. drank egg nog → every christmas.
056. gone to therapy → nope.
057. played spin the bottle → 6th grade
058. toilet papered someone's house → every halloween
059. liked someone but never told them → yes
060. spied on someone → maybe XD
061. stolen anything → pack of gum once. 5th grade
062. gone camping → somewhere in Pennsylvania
063. had a crush on your sister's friend → little sister=1 year old. nooo
064. gone to a nude beach → noo
065. gone streaking → maybe
066. had a stalker → only 1 cute, sort of stalker ;)
067. gone skinny dipping → every summer.
068. laughed so hard you cried → yeah. then either i fell over, or milk came out my nose :)
069. gone to a party → regrettably.
070. been in love → obsessive, not love
071. felt betrayed by your best friend → yeah, unfortunately
072. lied to your parents → alot.
073. been out of the us → yup
074. thrown up from working out → nope. just felt nauseous
075. gotten a haircut so bad that you wore hat → wish i was smart enough to wear a hat. 2 years ago. nightmare
076. 3 meals from 3 different fast food places → uh, no
077. done anything hurtful to your classmate → no, other way around
078. been cheated on by someone → um, no

079. yourself → all the time.
080. miracles → yep
081. love at first sight → lust first.
082. heaven → i don't know.
083. santa clause → no
084. angels → i don't know.
085. kissing on the first date → yes.
086. sex before marriage → um... yes?

087. is there one or more people you want to be with right now → sort of
088. had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time → nope
089. do you believe in God → the hell do you answer that?

090. smell → my acoustic guitar
091. sound → my acoustic guitar.
092. movie → live free or die hard
093. clothing item → my black billabong tank top
094. clothing store → cant decide

095. still talk with the first person you dated → often
096. are you obsessed with someone → im always obsessed with someone! =]
097. best thing about your job → summer camp counselor- all the little kids automatically love you! (not like that, in a cute way)
098. like more than one person right now → sort of.
099. any compliments today → ‘you’re an amazing catcher’, and ‘you must be smart to be in honors bio’
100. next vacation → florida
101. friends guys or girls → both.
102. own any furniture from ikea → my crappy desk, and our dining room table
103. last book you read → breaking dawn
104. super power → psychic.
105. lived most of your life → new york.
106. why is the sky blue → idk… because it reflects the water?
107. last song you listened to → collide, howie day
108. if you could be anywhere right now where would it be → sunrise resorts, connecticut
109. mood → still bored and anxious
110. plans for tomorrow → swimming =]
111. last time you slept for more then 12 hours → 6 days ago

copy it if you want.

pce - Liv

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Enjoying The Sun

hey! i hope wherever you are is as sunny as it was here today! we had the most amazing day ever! i actually woke up before housekeeping kicked me out of the house @ 10:30, and i got down to the snack shop for an ACTUAL breakfast!! =] i know, you're all thinking: wow<=/, but ive been up until like, 4 EVERY DAY, so for me to be up before 10 is a big thing! i got to spend alot of time with my baby sister, and ill try to get a picture of her on here, if i cant, sorry, but ill try, what more can you ask of me? =]

ok, there. i think the picture will come out. it isnt a recent picture, but that's me playing with her on our couch @ home. im still staying in our cabin here at Sunrise Resorts.

later today i played a softball game, just for fun. staff vs. guests. =] i killed the ball, but we still got our butts kicked! <=] it was fun, and then i watched 'national treasure 2' in the echo center, which doubles as a theater. right now, im back in the snack shop typing this on my dads crappy laptop in the only room that gets WiFi. just a quick update, and now, im really tired, so im probably gonna go listen to my iPod until i fall asleep. =]

Pce - Liv

Monday, August 11, 2008


ok, im sorry i haven't posted in like, FOREVER, but i was on vacation with my mom, and i didnt have my computer. <=] anyway, work ended on the 1st, and softball ended on the 31st, so i had nothing to worry about all week last week. this week im luckier. my dad brought the laptop im working on, and this place we're vacationing in has free WiFi. =] last week my mom took me and my older younger brother to Myrtle beach. we spent the week doing nothing and playing course after course of mini-golf. it was SOOO hot there compared to NY, but a good thing about that was, it was too hot for the mosquitoes. we got home @ like midnight, and the next day we had to pack for our vacation with our dad to Sunrise resorts in Connecticut. its pretty much the same as it was last year, so things are pretty quiet around here. Not that that's a bad thing! after my hectic summer, boring and relaxing is JUST what i need. so im going to go soak up the sun!!!! =]
Pce - Liv

Monday, July 21, 2008


WHOOHOO!!! sorry i didn't post when i'd promised, but i was really busy! we won!! we are now the first team from little old white plains to EVER win that tournament!!!!!! yeah, the trophy's were really cheap, but we still won!! i was dead tired yesterday after playing, and winning bother games in this 10,000 degree weather, but here i am!! today was awful at work! everyone was really uptight because someone from the city was coming around to make sure we were doing our jobs the right way. and tomorrow we are all going to get yelled at because the guy from the city found lots of people on cell phones. =[. im seriously thinking of calling in sick tomorrow, and have the friend that i carpool to work with just come with me to the pool. the last thing i need in my life right now is more stress.
in other news, we are having a really busy softball week. tomorrow, we have ANOTHER clinic with the varsity team. i know that the clinics are supposed to make us better, but they are really tiring, and its really hot out. on Wednesday, we play greenburgh, NY again. they weren't very good the last time we played them, and their coach yells at them alot. why on earth they would play for a coach that yells at them is beyond me, but they seem to put up with it ok. on Thursday we play rye, and im trying to get ahold of that bassist from my band, Leo, so tat he can come to the game with me. we've gone to a couple of movies together, but i dont get to see him much anymore. =[ so im hoping that he can make it to this game in rye. =]
FRIDAY! not Saturday, but Friday i get to see my little brother again! im probably not going to recognize him at all, but at least ill get to see him again! i REALLY miss him. if i said that 'i actually miss him a little' last post, that was a total lie. i miss him alot and at the end of the week, i actually get to see him again! =]
nothing more interesting happening in my life right now, so i guess ill post again soon*, when i find something interesting to write about! =]
pce- Liv
*NOTE- i didn't put a set date that you can hold me to!!!! so you don't have to worry about me being late for posting anything!!! lol =]

Saturday, July 19, 2008


hey guys, sorry i couldn't post yesterday, i was at my friends birthday party, and my mom thought it was to late to drive me all the way to my dads house in the next town. so, we won our game yesterday, alot to a little. today we won our first game 7-6, and in the second game, so many of our players got injured, that it cost us the game, 13-5. =[ well, at least we are in the championship tomorrow. we face the winning team of the second game, and then we play for the huge trophy. =] well, im really beat, which is weird for me because its only 4:06. if the clock says differently, don't pay any attention to it, because it freaks out. <=] so, i guess i'll write tomorrow, or the next day saying how we killed the other team!
pce- Liv

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer So Far

Nothing much is new. our softball team is rocking some more! we beat Throgs Neck 16-2, and today we beat Harison 7-4. i got a great hit out to left center, but also threw my arm out, which is really gonna suck b/c we start our Pelhem tournament tomorrow, and so far, we have more injured people than healthy people. our short stop has a problem with her hip, but she wont go to a doctor, and she insists on playing. me and my friend Jackie from work both threw our arms out. our catcher has a problem with her ear, and she was in the Urgent Care room for the beginning part of the game, but insisted on being put in. and one of our star pitchers recently broke her wrist, and she got the cast off last month, but her left arm is still really weak! so hopefully our miracle winning streak will continue tomorrow and this weekend, but i dont know. so ill be posting about it tomorrow after i scope out our competition.
Work is actually getting alot better than it was. thats not saying that i never have moments that i feel so mad that i want to rip a kid's head off, but after you spend some time with a kid, you get to know them better, and working with them gets easier. i actually spent the time to learn all 40 names of all the kids i work with all day. it took me a while, but i did it! im really proud of myself for not having to call out 'Hey, Kid!' every other second now that i know their names. =] My friend, jackie has also stopped hating work as much as she used to , but i still have an old enemy working with me, so its pretty hard to keep a 'clean' mouth when we have the same job sometime during the day. but, its getting easier as we pick certain jobs during the day as far away as possible from eachother. *sigh* some things never change, its been like this between us since 3rd grade. and im surprised that she actually remembers what we fought over all those years ago that did this to us, b/c we were good friends, and then we fought, and then, after we became enemies she moved to a different school. this is the first time ive seen her in years.
Anyway, im really missing my little brother. wow, you know, i never thought that i'd ever admit that to anyone, ever!!! usually i just complain about my 12 year old brother, but now, i have nobody to confide in when it's something i cant talk 2 my parents about. like the new skanky thing one of my ex-friends did. well, at least he comes back in like, 2 weeks.
thats just about all tha is happening in my life right now, so ill get back to you tomorrow with the info on the tournament! =]
pce- Liv

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Jobs

ok, i haven't posted for a couple of days, but Ive been REALLY busy! i have a job this summer working at a camp program. its basically the city's elementary level summer school from 8:30-12:30, and then most kids go home, while only like 100 or so stay for the camp from 12:30-3:00. its actually really cool! On the first day, we got to choose what age group we would feel most comfortable working with. i chose the kindergartners, because i have a 5 1/2 year old brother. they're all so cute in the morning. THREE of them in my morning classes have big creepy crushes on me! its really funny how they fight for my attention! =] some of my friends who have drifted pretty far away from my other friends are working at this camp, and Ive gotten closer all over again to some of my former BBF's. and, honestly, i can find nothing wrong with getting paid! =]
In other news, our softball team has been rocking! we are totally undefeated! i am really liking playing left field instead of catcher. its really weird, but playing a new position in a 'set position league' is like running for your life in new shoes. but since i threw my arm out last week, during practice, my coach has been putting me in left, and i got used to it. now, today, all of a sudden, DURING A GAME, he puts me at second. i really DON'T KNOW much about playing second. i made a couple of errors, but then i got the hang of it in time to make the third out. i don't know what he was thinking. i haven't played second base in like, 4 years, since the minors in little league! so it was like breaking in new shoes, in one of the most stressful games of the season so far! i really have to practice at second. this game shows me how much time i spend only on my normal position, catcher, and how little time i spend on all the other positions!
well, its pretty late, so I'm going to go to bed. this way i can be semi-conscious for work tomorrow. <=]
pce - Liv

Friday, July 4, 2008

The 4th Of July

ok, today, i saw my 4Th fireworks show of the week. it gets kind of boring after like 3 shows. 4 is kind of overkill. but today made up for it! i got to set off all these awesome fireworks! since its illegal 2 buy fireworks in NY, we had 2 drive clear 2 Pennsylvania 2 buy them!! it was actually worth it though. we set off all these crazy rockets. on Wednesday, i got 2 go 2 the fireworks @ our HS with the bassist i mentioned last post, Leo. and it was great. i got to see every1 from school, and i got 2 hang out with some other people i don't see often. it was really cool. Thursday, i got my graduation present, an acoustic Taylor guitar. so now i own a fender squire stratocaster, and a Taylor acoustic. my brother is going 2 freak when he comes back from camp and sees that @ my moms house he has an electric drum set. hes a drummer, and @ our dads house there is room for a real drum set. but @ my moms house, there isn't room. so she picked up an electric drum set. and to plug all this in, we bought a great DJ board. all i need 2 buy is a fog machine, and strobe lights for my birthday party in February! =] i can use some of the money I'm earning from my summer job @ a camp 2 buy this stuff, because after what my guitar cost my mom, i don't think she's gonna finance anything for me for a long time. lol anyway, happy Independence day, and i hope to have more time to blog to all you guys later this weekend! <=]

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Random Bits Of Summer

ok, many random things to talk about, so ill start at the top.
first, I found this 'no lying quiz' on someones blog, and i thought it was cute, so i 'borrowed' it, and re-did it. here it is:
1. Last beverage: Ginger Ale
2. Last phone call: Leo
3. Last text message: Marissa
4. Last CD played: Collective Soul
5. Last BUBBLE bath: 6 years ago
6. Last hug: Leo

Have you ever:
1. Dated someone twice: Nope.
2. Been cheated on: no.
3. Kissed someone and regretted it: no.
4. Fallen in love: maybe.
5. Lost someone special: Yes
6. Been depressed: Not seriously depressed, just very sad.
7. Been drunk and threw up: no! thank god

List 5 people you can tell anything to:
[In no order]
1. Mariana
2. Erin
3. Nick
4. Nancy
5. Leo
[There's more, but it said to list only 5]

List your favorite colors:
1. Lavender
2. sky blue
3. emerald green

Have you
1. Laughed: Every single day
2. Met someone who changed your life? Yes
3. Found out who your true friends are? Oh yeah

1. Bush: hate him.
2. Gay Marriages? No problem.
3. Lowering the drinking age? Most of the time.
4. Gay, Straight, or Bi? Straight.
5. Who is the best hugger that you know? Nancy.
6. Do you believe in Love at first sight? Lust first. Love needs trust to grow, and trust takes time
7. Is there something you want to tell someone? Pretty much every single second of my existence
8. Brand of shirt you are wearing? L.O.L Vintage
9. How many people on your top friends do you know in real life? All of them
10. How many kids do you want to have? I don’t know yet.
11. Do you have any pets? 10, 8 cats, and two turtles.
12. Do you wanna change your name? Nope. I love my name/
13. What did you do for your last birthday? Giant crazy sleepover w/all my best friends.
14. What time did you wake up today? Too early, 7:30 am
15. What were you doing at midnight last night? Listening to music
16. Last time you saw your mother? now.
17. What are you listening to right now? Whatever It Takes, by Lifehouse
18. Have you ever donated money to a good cause? Yep. The animal shelter.
19. Have you ever talked about someone behind their back? regrettably
20. What's the last piece of clothing you borrowed from anyone? A pair of pants from a friend. Lol.
21. Who's getting on your nerves right now? Ex- Best Friend.
22. Most visited web page? AOL, or My blog
23. Coke or Pepsi?: Coke.
24. Have you kissed or been kissed by anyone in the past month? maybe. =]

* If you have not lied on any part of this quiz, re post this as the No Lying quiz. =]

Ok, second, today was HUMID! it was gross and sticky all day. i was forced to wake up at some early hour to see my little brother off to his sleep away camp. I'm actually going to miss him. as crazy as this sounds (i would never admit this anywhere else) I'm going to be alone for the next month. nobody to confide in when i have a problem i cant talk to my parents about. nobody to tell a juicy secret to when i know i cant spill it to anyone from school. I'm going to have nobody in the room next to me for the next 30 nights. i really miss him, and it's only been a few hours! =[
Third, i have a new friend. he's the bassist for the rock band i play in. we've gotten to know each other really well over the last few band practices, and now that band lessons are over for the summer, we cant count on seeing each other every week. so instead, to celebrate our graduation (he graduated middle school too, like me), we've been going to the movies, and he's coming up for the 4Th of July fireworks! =]
That's about all that's happening in my life right now. so, ill write again when there is something new and interesting to write about! =] Buon estate, or for those of you who don't speak Italian, Have a nice summer!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Ok, i was officially tagged by AREN first, then by CAIT, and then By BLAIR-Bear, so i will follow all of each of your rules (in case they are different) and then i will link 6 fellow bloggers! =]
6 'quirky' about me:
1) my birthday is the same as my moms, so people always mix up whose birthday it is.
2) for some weird reason, baby powder makes me sneeze uncontrollably, but i dont have any allergies, because i was tested, and came back negative.
3) My 8 catz currently control more of my life than i do, which really sucks, because soon my brother is leaving for camp, and they will only have me to annoy.
4) when i was in 6-7th grade, i had this really crappy phone, but i never lost it. now, since i got a new phone in december, i have lost/broken it about 15 times. now, since the first two replacement phones went into the wash, and no longer work, i got a new, identical phone for graduation, but my parents warn me that this is the last time they are paying to replace it if it breaks/gets lost.
5) when i get really pissed, or unexpectedly fall, or get hurt, the first things out of my mouth is a string of french curse words. i dont know why, but im more inclined to curse in french than english, when put on the spot. when i get hurt, im actually more fluent in french than english! and english is my native language!
6) my sleeping habits change based on season. in fall, im asleep early, and awake early. in winter, im up really late, and up really early. in spring its the same thing, but in summer, i get almost no sleep. i go 2 bed at around 3am, and wake up @ like 6am!
ok, thats 6 things about me. Im now going to tag:
1) Jersey Girl
2) em
3) swooze
4) Techie57
5) Sydney Speel
6) *.triple.threat.*

Happy summer 2 you all, because it is now officially summer 4 me!!! today we had our graduation ceremony @ our county center, and now i can never be forceably stuck back into the building that was my prison for the last three years!!! =]

Sunday, June 22, 2008

End Of The Year!

ok, I'm in the final lap of school right now. I had to put up with all my psycho teachers for 177 days, and now we're in the final three! on Monday, we have our 'awards ceremony' which is now just an excuse to cut class. on Tuesday, we have our senior trip to lake compounce, which is just an excuse to go nuts while the teachers sun bathe. on Wednesday, we all get out of school early for graduation rehearsals. and on Thursdays, we don't go to school, we just show up at The County Center for our GRADUATION! hopefully, i can get my grades before we graduate, that way i can stop freaking out. i know i got a couple of problems wrong on my Algebra regents (but my teacher is hiding our grades), I got a 96 on my Social Studies exam, and i got a 95 on my Latin exam. (I know it's a boring, dull language, but it's really easy!) But right now, i don't know how i did on my earth science regents! =[ Ive been freaking out about it since yesterday! i think i got some wrong, but i don't know which, and i don't know what that'll do to my grade!!! well, ill try to find out by 2morrow. till then! <=]

Friday, June 20, 2008

End Of Year Testing!

Hey! Coming live from my school! today is the last real day of school, and I'm currently taking a break from studying my butt off! we have been testing all week, and today concludes the end of the real school year! on Monday, we have an awards ceremony, on Tuesday, our end of year trip, on Wednesday, graduation rehearsals, and FINALLY, on Thursday, we GRADUATE!!! so I'm in a really good mood right now, despite the fact that in a few hours, I'm going to be sweating through my science regents. ugh. well, at least after this, school's over!!!=] =] =] I don't know if I'll add to this post later, or just write a new one. So, Bye for now!
-Olivia =]

Sunday, June 15, 2008

softball tournament

Ok, yesterday our summer travel team, WP BLAZE, had our first tournament! we totally sucked and got our butts handed to us in the first two games, and the only reason we 'won' the third game was because the other team forfeited after the rain started. And since Beacon NY was about an hour away from White Plains NY, the entire team was forced to wait in the pouring rain until our other coach showed up with the minivan to take us all home because technically we weren't supposed to be done playing ball for another two hours! so basically my Saturday sucked, and thank god the field in Beacon is flooded right now, because i really cant take another day of embarrassing ourselves in the second day of the tournament! <=[

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer Heat

okay, now that it's 99 degrees out there, there is no way I'm going outside in my leather jacket anymore. it was awesome all winter, and all spring, but now, it's practically summer, and it's BURNING out! on Saturday, it was so hot out, I thought I'd melt, because my room is on the top floor of our 4 story house and my dad hasn't gotten the air-conditioners in yet. and today was worse because I had softball practice from 11:00-1:00, and the sun was glaring at us. thank god it rained after that, because I couldn't take anymore heat! right now, I'm eating my 4Th sugar free ice-pop with the fan on high, all the windows open, and my hair is wet, and I'm still too hot! =[ If anyone out there has the slightest idea of how to beat the summer heat, PLEASE don't keep it all to yourselves! show some kindness, and share with the rest of the world! <=]

Thursday, May 29, 2008

End of the instrumental year!

I take private guitar lessons at my music school, LAGOND MUSIC SCHOOL, and the year is almost over! on Saturday, we have our end of year concert! I'm going to be playing Kelly clarkson's Breakaway, (from an earlier post) and Green Day's Boulevard Of Broken Dreams! I can't wait to go and perform for all the people at the school, plus parents and other random people! Do you guys play instruments? which ones? keep it up, only if your sure it's what YOU love! =] enjoy the end of the school year! (for those of you who haven't finished yet!)
- Olivia

Monday, May 26, 2008


okay, so this morning, my cat, Lucky, has managed to: knock everything off of my dresser, eat my old SS test, chew through the elastic strap on one of my watches, break my alarm clock, and wake my baby sister all before I got up to shower at 9:30! I really dont know what's wrong with him, but he better fix it, because all the things he did this morning didn't include the rest of the family! not onl did he torture me this morning, but he pissed off almost EVERYONE! he's completely insane! anyone have good pet advice here? because we've tried just about everything, and Im desperate!
P.S.- enjoy the picture! it's Lucky attacking my little brother, Gabriel! this was taken years ago, but it captures the insanity that is Lucky!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Random stuff

Okay, I'm really excited because summer is coming, and there is only 21 school days left for me! in two weeks, we have prom, and on the 26Th, I get to leave my school FOREVER! (my dream come true!) so I'm in a very good mood, and in a very crappy mood. on Friday, I got my braces on the top of my mouth, and now, my teeth are so sore that I cant eat anything! it totally sucks! the only thing I have to look forward to about them is that I'm only cursed with them for a year, maybe a little less! finally, its memorial-day weekend, so I get to do whatever I want for the next three days! enjoy your weekends, and I'll try to start posting more regularly, i was just in a 'blogging-block'. (similar to writers-block) <=]

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers day!

today was mothers day, and in celebration, my annoying older-younger brother* and I went to a Mets game with our mom. it was awesome, but I haven't had time to breathe all weekend! on Saturday, I had my friends Bat Mitzvah, and two of my friends birthdays, and today was mothers day! I hope I never have another weekend so busy! ugh. what did you guys do for your moms on mothers day?

* I have two younger brothers. I am talking about the older of my younger brothers here.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Rainy Weather

Okay. Now, most people think of depression when they think of rain, but I LOVE rain! I love the energy you get before the rain, the smells of spring, and I love when the rain stops and the sun melts the clouds away. I'm writing about this because it's been raining, drizzling and cloudy since Wednesday, and everyone I know is complaining about it! My view on this is with all the people talking about the worst parts of rain, I'm deciding to be one person who writes about the good things about rain. What's your favorite , or least favorite thing about rain?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Three suckish things about spring sports

To me, there are only three things that can ruin the spring sports season.
1) If your team is winning games too easily every single time. It gets really boring, and you think of that sport as 'a waste of time' instead of your favorite sport.
2) If you hate some of the people on your team. It makes playing with them harder, and creates 'cliques' inside your team.
3) If your uniforms are short sleeved, and you get a tan around the edges of it and are left with what my team calls a softball, or farmer's tan.
What do you guys think the worst part about spring sports is?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Softball Game (almost)

Today was supposed to be my school teams first softball game. but of course, with my luck, it was just practice because the other team couldn't get a bus, and last-minute called my coach! So for the entire practice, we were stuck scrimmaging on the same field as the stupis track and field people! since the game was supposed to be an away game, our coach lent the school's only softball field to the track people while their track was being re-painted for their upcoming track meets. so when the other team called to cancel, there was nothing we could do to get the track team off of our field! so there went my entire day! *sigh* At least spring break will be here in three days!! :)

Monday, April 14, 2008


Ok. Today in school, my totally awesome english teacher was teaching us about how writing is sometimes provoked by strong feelings. And so far, the strongest feeling in our class is hate. now, I am thinking, why is that? How come people hate eachother more than like eachother? (Im such a hypocrite. I have my fair share on enemies too) Alot of people hate me, why? I don't know! they just do, and they don't evn know me sometimes! Take Rachel for example, I was friends with her for about two years, and all of a sudden, we both hate eachother, and now, I cooled off, and she still hates me! Whats up with that? is it just some basic human nature to hold a grudge? You know what I say to that? GET A LIFE ALREADY! I forgave and forgot years ago, and here you are giving me a killer death-stare for no apparent reason!! Sometimes I don't get people at all! what about you guys?

*The names of all persons has been changed to protect his/her identity

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Scary movies and boy's egos

Ok. Now that the super-scary Prom Night movie has been released, all of my friends have gone to see it, except me, and two of my other friends who went and saw THE BEST DAMN TOUR at nassau colusium last night. every one of my friends said that they screamed soo loud, but the funny thing was, the boys were screaming even louder than them! but, as soon as the lights went on at the end of the movie, they were all like "That movie wasn't scary! look, the dumb girls are terrified!". seriouly, what's up with that? Are the too masochistic to admit that they were scared, or is it another stupid boy thing?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

3/4 done!

Ok. THANK GOD for spring break, because the rest of the year is so boring that without it, we wouldn't know time was passing! I cant even believe that in 12 weeks exactly (but whose counting?:)) I get to leave this dump of a middle school that Im stuck in and then go to HS!!! Im applying for like 4 honors classes, though im sure that i'll only make 3 of them, and I will be doing Softball (Varsity) and field hockey (JV) on my first year! I know that I'll make varsity in softball because I have been training with the coach and everyone else on my team for the last like 6 years! and I just cant stop freaking out that I get to leave in only 3 months! I paid for my cap and gown today and WTF that National Junior Honnor Society charges you an extra 14 bucks just for a gold sash to wear?!? sorry for the really random post, im really hyper today! ttfn! time to go scare ppl with my sudden random-ness!! :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Talent Show

Here's Me!!!Hope you like it! My goofy dad just figured out how to upload video onto this thing! :P

Thursday, March 20, 2008


At last! five glorious days to do absolutely nothing! lots of ppl i know will b hitting the mall for the latest spring fashion, I'll let them get ahead, I for one will b sitting in my new band's room playing awesome rock songs for all of Saturday! after that I might hit the mall, but for now, I'll just stick to my first plan! NOTHING!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Ok, spring brings alot of changes. first off, the wardrobe! lose the ski jackets already pplz! it's running 60 out there and you're wrapped up like it's the arctic north! number two: Spring sports! whether you're thinking of trying out for the school softball team (like me), or you're talking national teams, like the Mets, sports are here, so choose one and get in the game! And three: hanging out with friends is a must. Spring is like the friendliest season ever! So if you don't have friends, go make some! people are (almost) always at their friendliest in Spring!
Go out and enjoy the sunlight we've been missing all winter! i know i will, so grab a bud, hit the park, and do something awesome!
u know u luv me!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


my mom was like, forcing me to clean my room, so while i was cleaning crap out from under the radiator, i found my kindergarten pic! i looked sooo hilarious, and so did all of my friends who were in the pic with me! i brought it 2 school, and everyone got a kick out of it. it really got me thinking, people change ALOT over the years, and you never know whats coming until it hits u in the face, so get out there and live life pplz. ok, enough sentimental junk, just go out, have fun, and make memories! :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


we wait through boring school almost every day of the week during the Fall, Winter, and Spring, but we are only waiting for the great vacations that go with the year. So, if you are one of the lucky people who get to go away this vacation, you better bring me somthing back, whether you be in Florida, Cali, or out of country. if you are un-lucky enough to be stuck home with your family, try one of these things,
1) Go out with friends until break is over
2) Piss your family off enough to get some personal time
3) suck it up, and make the best of it!
after all, were all in this together, and what difference can one little week make?

u know u luv me!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Bowl

that was an awesome superbowl! i personally, am a Giants fan, bu that means no offense to all you patriots fans out there! i spent all of sunday watching the game and pregame on fox. i knew the giants were going to win!, i mean, with a score of 42-17? it's in the bag! send me some awesome pics of u decked in football, and i might just feature you next post!
u know u luv me!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Video games

What is it with boys and video games? in school, that is all they talk about! the conversation always turns into Halo 3, or Call of duty 4, it's like they have no lives!! OK, ok, so girls also play video games, but mainly only Guitar Hero, Rock Band or DDR. and we don't talk about it like guys do, they are always like: "dude! i, like went on Call of Duty 4 LIVE, and, like, beat a whole new level!!" we are like: "hey guys, i got GH last week and now I can play it on medium!, so anyway, did you see Mike today?"
see a difference, we are not as "into video games". I guess it's just a guy thing, ...
ok so what is your opinion on video games?