Thursday, November 27, 2008


Just a quick post to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving before I go upstairs and hang out with the rest of my family!!!! =] HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Be sure to be thankful for everything you have in your lives!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Random Thoughts And A Song

Hey guys. I'm just passing the time during X-period in the media center at my school. I've been writing this song for this club I'm in, and I want to run it by you guys, tell me what you think:
It’s either you or me
If you go down, you take me with you
I didn't choose this, it just happened
Don’t you get it? You pretend to.
How do you expect me to choose?
Its 2 halfs of me
I can feel it happening
I’m falling for you all over again

You’re always there when nobody wants to listen
You get me when nobody else does
I’m there when you need me
But it just didn’t work together
It messed things up, bad
Now I’m feeling myself slipping back
Feeling myself make that same mistake
Here I go again

It’s either you or me
If you go down, you drag me with you
I didn’t choose this, It just happened
Don’t you get it? You pretend to
How do you expect me to choose? Its 2 halfs of me
I can feel it happening
I’m falling for you all over again

When you were gone
There was a hole in my life
It was all gray, swirling around me
I needed you to balance my life
But it got too complicated
I’m slipping back
Slipping back to you
Here I go again

You had your chance,
We both did
It just didn’t work
It just got so complicated
But we keep coming back
Back to this

It’s either you or me
If you go down, you drag me down with you
It just happens, We didn’t choose it
You get it now, or you always have
You know I can’t choose
Its 2 halfs of my heart
It’s still happening, ...still happening

Any kind of constructive criticism is welcome. PLEASE! I NEED FEEDBACK!!! <=]
On to my more random thoughts of the day: I did pretty much nothing today except daydream. the only constructive thing I did all day was some geometric proofs during math, and that just about covers it. lol. I'm suffering from severe writers block for this story I'm writing for NaNoWriMo (thank you Aren! =]), National Novel Writing Month. The goal for this thing is to be able to write a 50,000 (minimum) word story. I'm stuck around 32,000 words, and I'm running dangerously low on imagination here. =P I was so out of it today that I had a staring contest with a wall during health class. Yes, they still force me to take that dumb class, even after shoving the material down my throat for the last 3 years. =P On the upside, I have no thanksgiving break homework! =] YES! now I can goof off with my crazy college-aged cousins without having to worry about some stupid project or whatnot. Well, now this bell's gonna ring (i just can't escape that, can i?), so I gotta sign off, and leave. bye! =]

Monday, November 24, 2008

Twighlight Movie!

Ok, This is probably going to be an abnormally-long post because I've been talking to my twighlight-holic friends all weekend, and there are a few different points we've made about the movie, and i haven't posted in a couple of days, so i might bore you to death with my currently stand-still life. ;)
1) Last night i was IMing this guy friend of mine whose gf dragged him out to see the movie. He was talking about how there should have been more of a fight scene between James and Edward. I totally agree, and so do pretty much all of my friends. All the did was smack each other around a little bit, and with all the can do with computers, they should've gone half matrix! Here's a little excerpt of our IM (he's in italics):
9:44pm: The only things I've complained about. Were the fact that James was killed off WAY too easily. And the fact he was killed off at all xD
9:45pm: lol. true. there should have been way more of an action-y fight . i mean, with all that they can do with computer graphics these days, they should have gone half matrix. XD
9:46pm: Yeah xD All they did was throw each other around a couple times, and then it's over :/
Basically the rest of our conversation was more of the same.
2)weird facial expressions. Was I the ony one who noticed the weird expressions Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewart had on their faces during some scenes of the movie? I swear it looked like Edward was crossed-eyed when he was getting the poison out of Bella's arm. XD
3) Some of the people were totally not like we'd imagined. Kristen made an excellent Bella, and at first I thought that they had casted Edward wrong, but Robert did a pretty good job. We hardly saw ANY of either Jasper or Alice, and personally, I think Jasper and Jake should have had shorter hair.
All in all, Was it a really good movie? ABSOLUTELY! Could they have done a little better? Yeah.
Now, on to my painfully average life. Nothing too interesting has happened. The usual, Come home, fake homework, read other people's blogs, swear at my computer for not letting me post, be forced to practice piano, blast classic rock to piss off the neighbors. etc. =] just kidding, my life has been GREAT!!! My band is currently rocking 3 cover songs: Fortunate Son, by Creedence Clearwater Revival, and 2 DOORS songs, Light My Fire, and Break On Through! The guys in the band are really great, and thank god that they're all ym age this time! Last time my music school placed me in a band, There was 2 4th graders (not to say that they were'nt great musicians), a 7th grader, and one other 8th grader (this was last year, when I was in 8th grade)! This year there's 2 other freshmen, and 2 sophomores. The only thing that hasn't really changed is the fact that I'm the only girl. I'm actually getting used to that. I think that there really aren't too many girls who play electric guitar either, so its mutual. I've only seen 1 other electric guitar playing girl at that music school, and she kinda hates my guts, most of the girls there take voice. Crap. I gotta go, AGAIN. Damn school bell. =/ Oh well, bye! <=]

Friday, November 21, 2008


Ok, I was a total idiot, and waited until the LAST POSSIBLE SECOND to buy my tickets. The only showtime that wasn't totally sold out was the 4:30 showing in the best theater. Now, All my friends pretty much bought out the other 4 shows, so my plan is: Go see the movie at 4:30, then go to the 6:30 show, and the 9:00 show. =]. Technically it wasn't my plan, my dad said that since he didn't have anything that i had to do around the house, he suggested that I go to the later shows so I could hang out with ALL my friends (since some only got tickets to the 4:30, and some got tickets for the 6:30). One of my crazy lucky friends has tickets to go see it in the LOWES THEATER in NYC, i really hate her for that, those tickets have been sold out for weeks! lol =] anyway,, hopefully all of you will be able to see the movie today, and blog all about it tomorrow! gotta go, the bell's gonna ring! =]

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Ok, what is it? like the middle of freaking November? it's been snowing outside since before school started, and now Im sitting in my 2nd period computer class wondering if it's gonna stop, or if there's gonna b a massive snowball fight during lunch. It's awesome and all that it's snowing, don't get me wrong, but snow causes ALOT of problems. Try lugging a guitar around in the snow to classes, or songwriter club. =P oh well. I guess I'll try to enjoy it before it melts.
Before the bell rings at 9:11, I absolutely HAVE to say something. Now, I'm not totally obsessed with this as some other people I know, but, TWIGHLIGHT SOMES OUT TOMORROW!!!!!!! GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!! lol. ok, the bell's gonna ring, and I have to hand stuff in, sooo arrivederci! =]

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Sorry I'm taking so long to post. i PROMISE to post more often. <=] I did get my glasses! (YAY!) and I'm now back to living in them every other day when I don't have aquatics. =] in my jewelry design class, I finished my project, and it looks so cool! nobody believes I made it, they all think I bought it somewhere. Ill get a photo of it up here after I get it back to my teacher for grading. Right now I'm wearing it. since I finished early, he let me wear it for a day before I hand it back. i absolutely LOVE that class. whenever I get bored, I walk over to the junk drawer (about 100 pounds of scrap metal in a huge drawer) and find the nicest piece of any metal, then I just fix it up, add a cool design or a phrase, and add it onto my necklace. I have about 15 little 'charms', and i also make them for my friend's birthdays. =] argh. ok, the computer teacher is barking orders at people, so i think she's going to go make a round and check everyone;s screen now. (ugh. computer class is pointless) so, I've gotta go. bye! <=]

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Need To Work On This

argh. sorry guys. I keep putting off blogging because whenever Im at my moms house, my computer freaks out whenever i try to post anything. usually I can sneak onto blogger whenever my retarded computer teacher is looking the other way, but not this week. now Im FINALLY at my dads house, which is like a vacation. i can do just about anything online (no parental controls), pretend Ive done all my homework, and do anything I want. unfortunately, my spoiled brat of a half brother has an upcoming birthday. (not that it matters) For the rest of us, the world revolves around us on our birthdays, for him, he thinks that people are finally paying him the respect he deserves by bringing him gifts. =P So pretty soon, Im gonna be begging for my moms house again. my crazy schedule has actually reached the perfect balance to the point where I can actually boast that my parents dont piss me off ALL the time. =]
anyway, im actually feeling really happy this week! im finally getting new glasses! (see the picture of them above!) for the last like, 3 years, Ive practically lived in my contacts, but that's only because I didn't have the heart to tell my mom that the really expensive glasses she bought me on a 'no return' policy were annoying and made me look weird. but two days ago, I was visiting the eye doctor (my eyes got so bad in 6 months that i had to go back really early) and I was looking through the frames for a new pair. I found these amazing frames that actually look really good on me nomatter what I wear! =] I can't wait for school on monday so i can wear them when they come. they said they'd be here on friday so i can wear them monday. maybe now Ill live in my glasses instead! =] gotta go, i PROMISE to work on posting more often. <=]

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I really can't say I'm surprised, I mean, for every 5 points Obabma got, McCain got 1, and it was over at like, 11. exactly when the west coast polls closed. I just have to say this, (i mean ABSOLUTELY NO OFFENSE to all you republicans <=]) YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing i really didn't like about McCain was Sarah Palin. My brother came up with (probably his only politically funny thing EVER) an idea for one of my many 'iron-on' shirts: it will have a picture of Sarah Palin on it (still no offense to republicans) and say in huge quotes: "I'LL BE BACK IN 2013!" hopefully, you guys will pick it up faster than some of my friends. anyway, I was up until like 1 watching speeches over and over again. I was watching the crowds on TV after Obama was projected the winner, and i was like 'OMG! Jesse Jackson is just standing in the crowd crying!'. it was a special moment. I was over at one of my mom's friend's houses when they announced Obama the projected winner, and it was like new year's eve when they showed Cali, Washington, and Oregon Blue! There was screaming, and my brother actually showed more interest in politics then than I've ever seen in his whole life. I'm actually feeling really deep right now...
It was like watching history get made, only we were a part of it. He will be the president for the next four years, and we're finally old enough to fully understand what that means. Finally America can stand up and say everyone's equal. hopefully there will be a woman president soon. and who knows where we will go from there.
Ok, the deep feeling's passed. =] I am extremly proud of myself this quarter in school. Ive managed to fake 2 projects, 5 essays, a whole quarter's worth of homework assignments, and still maintain my B-to-A grades. =] by 'fake' I mean 'put-off-till-the-last-possible-second-and-do-it-during-lunch-or-Latin' I mean, we havent learned anything new in latin since 2 years ago. according to the state standards, me and the only other 8 people in our level (who have taken lating together for the last 3 years, minus the new sophmore girl) are learning alot, but all we do is translate stories. =/ so i jsut do my geometry and global homework. the way my schedule works, I have latin class 4th, geometry 5th, and global 6th, so it lets me 'fake' all homeworks for those classes. =] It's really a bad habbit, and i keep telling my self I'm going to break it, but i just can't. It's addicting, and it's erased the entire feeling that probably ties all of your stomach's into knots when you forget to do something. It used to make me nervous, if i forgot to do a homework, and then had to do a rush-job to finish it during some other class, but now, I just can't get myself motivated enough to actually do it at home. =[ I've gotta work harder on that. on to new topics: There's this songwriters club that meets every thursday and monday. I think I'm gonna bring my guitar to school tomorrow and gibe this club a shot. who knows? maybe I'll like it! =] Spring sports... I know it's probably a little too early to be really considering it, but the softball coach wants a definate answer from me now. i dont know why. maybe because all my softball friends who said they were doing softball in the highschool? yeah them? well, it turns out they're NOT doing softball this year, so he's probably all wary of who's gonna drop. I'm still torn between lacrosse and softball. I was a great lacrosse goalie, but it hurts to play lacrosse. Im good at softball, and its mainly painless, but all my friends are going to be playing lacrosse. I dont know. i'll probably end up doing softball anyway, because it's what i love, that's what it's all about right? wow. this is my longest post in a while. I've gotta get some sleep though. Ive been up late every night for a week, and it takes it's toll. 'nite everybody! lol =]

Sunday, November 2, 2008


YES! this halloween rocked!! =] I got to hang out with my best crazy friends all night! =] we stayed about as far away from our school as humanly possible, because of the cops, and ended up having an enormous shaving cram WAR!!! =] it was great! we got our first trick or treaters at like 4, so i had just gotten back from school, and my mom was handing out candy to these tiny kids! it was sooo cute! <=] We walked around my friends neighborhood, on the other side of the city, then we walked back to my neighborhood, where we washed off the shaving cream, and watched scary movies until their parents picked them up. overall, it was a great night! =] I just put the finishing touches on my freakishly long 24 page project, and now that Ive gotten rid of ONE project, THREE more spring up. So, by thursday, I have to write 2 essays, and create an entire civilization for global. =P i feel kinda ill from all the cany I ate, but at least my foot feels better now. it was just sprained. =] im gonna go get ready for tomorrow, cause like always, i didnt do ANY homework. =/