Saturday, February 21, 2009

Slow Week

This was a pretty slow week for me. I just haven't been very good about posting. i try to remember to post! I read people's blogs almost every day, but i hardly every comment or post. <=] This week was my February break, and i was practically living on what i like to call 'college time' for the first couple of days. I was up until like 3am on facebook fb chatting with all my friends who are in college. it was fun catching up with them 'cause our schedules are soo different now. Sports start up in 16 days, and i cant wait!!!! that means that there are only two more softball 'open gym practices' before the real season starts. its going to be really, really weird this year because a whole bunch of people are deciding that they dont want to play softball for our HS. Its like, ive been playing on the same team as these people since 3rd grade, and now they're not going to be there. its going to take ALOT of getting used to. Its also a problem because two of the people who aren't playing were our two strongest pitchers, so our pitcher-choices boil down to a couple of people who can pitch 'alright' for a couple of innings, and this one girl who really hates me; this is going to be interesting... in other news, my birthday is coming up. =] im really excited for that. And the time for filling out the enormous stack of papers for working permits has arrived. this year i can actually work for more than minimum wage! lol. that's about it. =]

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Ok, midterms are over, cramming is done, and i am officially back! =] I kno it's been WAYY too long, and i really apologize for that, but the tests and work were going out of control, and then i was sick for a while, and it totally knocked me out of rhythm. Im back in a new and improved state. =] im putting more effort into my music studies, im actually writing a few things on the piano since i hurt my hand for guitar. i spent so long playing my guitar that my fingers actually started to bleed, so i'll be out of commission on that for a few days. ive been doing all my homework, and this semester i have not one but TWO study halls replacing the pointless computers class and jewelry, which im actually sad to see go. i didnt actually finish my last project there though, so i can come back whenever i want and work on it. =] technically the i wasnt supposed to be using some of the techniques i used on it in jewelry 1 anyway. it was more of a jewelry 3 level project, but its great all the same. In my latin class, since my teacher never really spends time teaching us things (she usually just gives us a confusing packet and tells us to go work) my friend has been teaching me japanese. I really suck at it right now, but give me a week... lol. latin is actually making more sense the longer i stay in that class, despite the fact that the teacher never actually teaches. during our open gym softball practice a couple of my crazy junior friends were having conversations in spanish, and i found that i could actually converse in my dead language. our short broken sentences were somewhat interchangeable between the two languages anyway. i think we were talking about how badly we were throwing since it was near the end of a 3 hour grueling practice. iam defessus, et non possum bene iacere. its crappy, but at least im getting somewhere. spring sports start in exactly 25 days!!! im counting them down. winter is my off season technically, despite my indoor clinics and such. I never play a team sport in winter, and focus more on my studies and midterms, and now that the weather is amazing, and the snow is gone, and the wind is kicking up spring is fighting for the right to have our first practice outdoors. =] i need an outlet for my energy. sports usually fills it, but during the off-season: no sports. lol our band hasn't had another practice yet, but we're working on it. we've managed to put up with each other for long enough now to try and get down to business and start really playing with each other. hmm. what else is new? my birthday is coming up =] i cant wait. its going to be an awesome party!!! =D i think that's about it. im going to relax tomorrow, do all my hw during study hall, ace a test, and go chill with a bunch of friends at the opening night of friday the 13th. =] HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYBODY!!! =]