Thursday, October 8, 2009

Back in studyhall, everything is crazier than usual. tonight is 'Parents Night' at my school, and I'm trying to distract my parents with as much news as possible to make them forget to go to it! Good news, Bad news, it doesn't even matter to me that much anymore, just that they wont remember to come to my classes and actually meet my teachers. I hate parents night, so i started talking to them about my jam packed weekend:

Saturday: I'm planning to go to this big softball tournament out on Long Island because my friend's team is short of players and i said i might be able to be an extra. then I'm goin to see zombieland for the second time with my best friend, who hasn't seen it yet, and then i have to go to this little family gathering because some of my step-mom's freaky aunts are going to Ireland and we're having a little 'party' for them

Sunday: honestly, just band practice and homework, but that takes up ALOT of time :)

ALSO, thank god my mom is leaving for her annual business trip because she just figured out why i avoid the topic of homework: ESSAYS. i have about three of them overdue and my grade is steadily declining... i just cant write an essay worth ANYTHING... its DEPRESSING because i can do NaNoWriMo, and blog, but i cant write a 2 page, double spaced essay... :/

IN OTHER NEWS: there was SUPPOSED to be a pep rally today, but it poured, so I'm having an equally fun time watching: the cheerleaders complain about how much time it took them to do their makeup or whatever, the football people groaning because they don't get to appreciate the cheerleader's slutty performance, and most importantly: EARLY DISMISSAL :D

The football team which is undefeated, plays it's undefeated rival today, so that should be an interesting game. it doesn't start until 11, SO, ill probably be tired as hell tomorrow when i wake up at 7... I have a FH game against OUR rival team today. we are going to get our asses kicked just like last year......

I must go and get started on my TON of homework now that studyhall is almost over :)


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ive been reduced to study hall posting, which sounds like a bad thing, but actually, this ought to keep me posting regularly for a long time :) I'm feeling much better today, thank god

Our school has new arrivals! The German exchange student plan has activated yet again, and we have 16 new students for the next couple of weeks! (I'm still trying to figure out who they exchanged with, because as far as i can tell, all of the Juniors are still here, but i don't know all the seniors) We have, Lara who comes to field hockey practice with me because her host family is the Junior goalie's, and Billie, who is in my Photo class.

Speaking of FH, the other team chickened out yesterday, so i really did stay in class for absolutely nothing!!! i was pretty mad about that, because i could have gone home after 4th period, but insisted on staying for the game. :/

I wore the most outrageous thing coming home from practice yesterday: cleats and black shin guards under gray sweatpants. a black t-shirt with a fancy silk blouse over it with all the buttons undone, my hair hanging in a messy pony-tail with a little streak of sun-highlighted hair blowing in front of my neon-green rimmed aviators every three seconds. my mom had a fit, but in my opinion i looked awesome, and i plan on wearing that for picture day :)

My brothers are apparently having a contest: WHO CAN ANNOY LIV MORE? they're pretty tied... Nick loaded a virus onto my computer that almost wiped my hard drive, and Gabe is throwing wild, rampaging fits every other second!! I'm working on a way to get back at them now, i believe i saw an extra air-horn in the field hockey closet?? (evil grin)

i realize i forgot to end my post the newer way this time, but i really don't remember exactly how that is... oh well. it was worth a shot.