Wednesday, March 4, 2009

post-midterm syndrome

This is the name my friends and i came up with for the long, seemingly never-ending weeks that follow the midterms. it feels like the weeks are dragging now, and not flying like they were for the rest of the year. Ive been REALLY, FREAKISHLY bad about blogging, and i fear some of you have given up on me! <=[ I'm VERY sorry about that, and i will set about earning you guys back. =] In other news, study hall is m savior. I have a problem with leaving things to the last minute, on purpose, or by accident, and my wonderful 2nd period study hall helps me correct anything due later in the day. its the perfect time to cram for a test, or finish biology homework, or translate Latin. Now that the 3rd quarter of the year is over, I'm not going to rely on my safety net of a study hall as much anymore. I'm setting a goal to do everything I'm assigned at home. I may turn out like a friend of mine who spends at least 2 hours on her homework everyday,but if it kills me, my grades HAVE to DRASTICALLY improve. I'm aiming for National honor society, and my current grades from last quarter are simply NOT going to cut it. =] update on the band? we're not going anywhere anytime soon. the second we get our butts in gear, i will let you guys know, but we're at a kind of standstill. <=/ we've spent more time GOING to concerts together than actually playing any covers, let along anything original. it also doesn't help that our bassist lives half an hour away, and our drummer is either invisible, or non-existent. SPORTS START MONDAY. finally i can emerge from my winter shell. winter, as i've said, is generally my 'off season' i don't play on a winter sports teams, and i generally recede into the background. in the spring, I re-establish communication with the rest of earth, and train for sports, throw myself into my studies to keep my grades up for sports, and hang out with my friends more. everything good usually happens around now, so i hope to be blogging MUCH more. spring gives me this energy. I cant really describe it. its electric. My absolute favorite thing in spring is when it's twilight, and you can feel that its going to POUR because the air has that special smell? I love running in the rain. I could be outside FOREVER when its raining like that in spring. currently crushing my pre-spring excitement is (hopefully) the remains of the last snowstorm of the year, still lingering, and casting a dark shadow over the softball diamond. I do promise to try to blog more often!!! <=]