Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I think I just had the crappiest day in the history of my crappy days:
1) i was so out of it this morning, that when I brought my aquatics stuff in for gym in a plastic shopping bag, i sat down in the hallway with my friends while waiting for the first bell to ring, then walked away and forgot it there until 2nd period. by then it was too late, and it was nowhere to be found. what does one DO with a swimsuit and towel anyway? its not like you can sell it for good money!
2) I was forced to take a bus home for the first time in like, i dont know, 4 years? I made it on before it left, got a good seat, etc. it was fine. then, my stop was on this narrow 2 lane 2 way street. there was no sidewalk, and barely any grass. So naturally, because of the heavy trafic on that street, i hopped up onto the curb and started baancing my way down the street on that while i waited for the bus to pass me so i could walk in the street. when I was about to step down from the curb, my shoe slipped, and I twisted my ankle pretty badly on the way down. I managed to pull myself together before anyone on the bus could think: 'hey! that little freshman girl jut tripped on the curb!'. I walked really gingerly home, and all of a sudden, my mom starts freaking out. I usually dont make a big deal out of getting hurt, but this REALLY hurt. I mean, with brothers and sports combined, yeah, i get hit alot with things. I have lots of bruises, and they heal within two weeks tops. but this was like, if i rotate my foot too much, i collapse. It really sucks, and whatever dignity i scraped together after i slipped off the curb earlier will be stripped from me if it turns out i actually broke my stupid foot. >=[
3) My mom got really pissed off that i didnt do any work on this project of mine until i got to her house, so she wrote this big long pissed off e-mail to my dad complaining that we never do any work when we're at his house. this is so not true. I actually DID do work, contrary to popular belief, but its not much, and there's still lots to do.
4) It MONSOONED (spell check?) yesterday, and the cardboard box I spraypainted like an Ipod for halloween MELTED!!! I swear I had No idea that it would rain, but it did, so now Im screwed unless i can get a great new halloween costume by tomorrow. =/
so over the course of one day, i become: failing aquatics from missing classes (because i forgot my stuff), a cripple (which sucks), and stuck sitting down for the rest of the night with my dad hanging over my shoulder to make sure Im doing schoolwork. =[ On the brighter side: I just figured out what I can use for my halloween costume!!! There's this uniform store near my house. It's basically a store where nurses get scrubs, and police officers get uniforms, and custodians, and crossing guards, etc. So i plan to go there tomorrow and buy up a 'professional looking' pair of scrubs, throw red paint on them, put a 'bloody' rag around my foot, and hobble around like a zombie surgeon or something. lol XD oh well. ill write more after HALLOWEEN!!!! =]

Friday, October 24, 2008

Long Week!

This was really long-feeling week. I think it has something to do with the fact that for the past three weeks we only had four days of school and then a vacation day for some remote religious holiday. Oh well. Whatever it was, it made this week seem REALLY long. sports are officially over. we won our last game against our rival school Ursaline (really ugly name for a all girls school =P) and then the entire team went out for pizza. I managed to get hit in the knee really hard on the LAST day, so of course my knee is now black and purple. >=[ Oh well. Softball 'clinics' (pre season unofficial practices) are now starting on Saturdays. I'm going to try to go to all of them. I need all the edge i can get if I'm shooting for varsity this year. Halloween's almost here! =] here's how I predict my evening will go: 1) i will be stuck dragging my younger siblings around the neighborhood for about an hour. 2) then I will ditch my costume somewhere and meet up with a whole bunch of my friends at one of their houses. 3) We will probably get into a HUGE shaving cream fight in the street and end up completely COVERED in it. 4) on our way back to our own houses at like 11, we will probably do each other's hair with freaky styles because all the shaving cream in it will act like gel. That was basically a re-cap of last year, so i pretty much expect more of the same this year. =] I went to our town's Friday night skate at the local ice rink. I realized how bad at skating I'd gotten, so i took the whole evening re-teaching myself all the things about skating I'd forgotten over the summer. Now I'm dead tired, and I probably bought around $8.00 on Pepsi today. ($1 a can) So not only am I exhausted, all the caffeine I ingested had me totally wired. I'm going to go to bed and TRY to sleep, that way I have some prayer of being able to function tomorrow. =] goodnight!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's WAY Too Cold Out To Still Be Fall

Ok. For the past week, the temperature goes something like this: 60-70 degrees in the daytime, and 20-30 degrees in the nighttime. unfortunately for me, since it gets dark so early, all of my current field hockey games are considered night games. =[ yesterday we got our butts kicked by the 2nd best team in the league. oh well. there's only 2 games left, and then the season's over. we have to clean out our disgusting locker room, and get ready for the winter sport season. all of my friends are doing winter track, but i cant =[ so im just gonna go to some of their meets. if i miss any more music lessons, i wont be able to make them up. =/ HALLOWEEN'S ALMOST HERE!!! =] i decided that Ill just dress up as an ipod. i only have to wear it for a couple of hours while i watch my siblings, then i can turn them over to my family and just go catch up with my crazy friends. we'll probably just end up in a huge shaving cream war on south Lexington st. anyway, just like last year. =] ive gotta go, but ill try to post more often! =]

Monday, October 13, 2008

Day Off Of School

Whoohoo! thank god ive got no school today. i needed an extra day to relax and do nothing. =] unfortunately ive got alot of HW that i didn't do over the weekend (Which I'm currently procrastinating <=]). tomorrow is another field hockey game and then (Hopefully not) a piano lesson. =[ my cat's birthday is coming up soon (thank all of you for the great comments on his picture =]) he turns 3 this year. to remember how cute he was, im probably going to post some pictures of my little brother Gabe getting attacked by him 3 years ago. =] (They're pretty funny) Halloween is in two weeks!!!! I have no idea what i'm going to be this year (if im going to be anything) i dont know. last year a friend of mine (A guy) dressed up as a waitress. lol he even wore lipstick and mascara! =] im going to get back to my homework. i actually want to get it all done, and i have alot left. <=] Bye guys!

Friday, October 10, 2008

(Define) 'Normal Friday'

Ok. today was a traditional, and weird friday. this friday was actually a friday, but it was a half day because our school had a pep rally starting at 1. so classes were 30 minutes long, and by the time the teachers had us all settled down and gave us papers the bell would ring and we would leave. The pep rally was basically like every school organized function: overly 'peppy', cheesy and with tacky decorations. but i have to say that the pre-show 'powder-puff football game' was pretty amusing. =] imagine 50 junior girls vs 50 senior girls at a game of flag football. and my varsity field hockey friends were in it, so i was pretty much obligated to go. me and the rest of the JV field hockey team sat in the middle of the bleachers and we shouted cheers the loudest for our sport. Then, after the pep rally, both the varsity and the JV field hockey teams took an hour-long bus ride to fishkill NY where we played the John-Jay Patriots. varsity got their butts served up to them on silver platters (as usual. i think their record it 1 win, 12 losses), and we JV managed to hold on to what little dignity we had left after our 0-0 tie. after we got back at around 8, and got our crap back into the locker room, some of us decided to go to our football team's last home game. i really wasn't feeling too great (and i dont like football much either) so i went home instead. I got home, got some dinner, grabbed my little fuzzball, Lucky, and went up to my room to get online and talk to all of you. sorry, im rambling on now, so goodnight! =]

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Ok, since tomorrow I have no school because of a jewish holiday, my friends and i declare today to be a practical friday! Everyone at my school calls the day before a holiday a practical friday because it makes everyone more excited about the days off. tomorrow i HOPE to be able to see this great friend of mine. He's been on like, ultra-grounding for the last 2 months all because his older sister is a total screw up. =[ if i cant though, Ill probably just get out with a bunch of my other psycho friends (you know who you are) and see a movie or something. =] hopefully, (if you dont go to a private school) you will all enjoy tomorrow's day off, and Ill try to post more regularly! <=]

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy New Year! (sort of)

Ok, it's finally a school vacation, and what happens? 80% of my friends are stuck at relatives houses because its the Jewish new year. =/ well, at least there's no school! =] sorry its taken me so long to post. ive gotta let the rest of you know that I changed my address. <=] anyway, tomorrow school starts up again, and we start getting homework again. =[ we have another field hockey game tomorrow, and hopefully we wont suck too bad because lately, the JV team has not been doing too well. music has started again!! WHOOHOO!!!! =] I love my guitar classes, even though my teacher can be kind of callous. oh well, he's a great guitarist though. the bad news is that one of the people who run the school expect me to take voice as well as guitar. as much as i want to take voice, if i do i will be in the same voice group as this girl who hates me for some undefined reason. I really dont know what her problem is, I mean Ive like, never talked to her, and she's hated me since she came to our school. So i really dont see what i can do to lighten the moment if we're forced to share the same 100 square foot space for an hour every week. <=/ oh well, at least i have all semester to figure this out. =] enjoy the short week!