Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Address!

Ok, I have a blogger account (of course), but I never actually belonged to blogger until yesterday. My address was run off of my family's website,, and not off blogger, like all of yours are (ending the address in ''). so, now that I DO belong to blogger, I can work on getting the following gadget, and actually customizing my background, which I couldn't do before. My new address is:, just to let all of you know. I have alot of exploring to do now on the blogger website, because now i can actually use half the crap they advertise. =] ill post more soon!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Ok, Tagged again! =]

Ok, back to that same tag i got about, i dont know... 15 posts ago? i dont remember right, but you guys probably all know it. its the "6 QUIRKY THINGS" tag. =]
Ok- rules,
1) link who tagged you - Alyssa
2) post the rules
3) list 6 quirky unknown facts, or little known facts about you.
1- I have the same birthday as my mom, i was her favorite birthday present. =]
2- Most of my best friends are guys, which makes me more laid back, and less 'jumpy' than the other stuck-up girls in my school. =]
3- I listen to really old music as well as some popular music. (as you can tell from my really varried songs on my playlist)
4- Our family went kind of crazy with cats. we have 8 of them right now, and i love them all! =]
5- I usually sleep 5-6 hours tops on weeknights, but catch at least 12 hourson weekends
6- I love any and all sports. i'll try any athletic thing once. i went through so many sports trying to find my favorites, the ones i would stick with for the rest of forever: Softball, and Field Hockey. =]

4) Ok, now to tag 6 fellow bloggers:
1- Em
2- Ellie
3- Raspberry
4- Another.Ellie
5- Taffy
6- Sydney

Ok, i think i completed this thing again now! =] enjoy guys!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Week

Ugh. we just lost another field hockey game, and weird as it seems, i actually enjoyed the game! the other goalie started sucking, and then everyone started cheering for me to get back into the game, so it was fun. =] i have ANOTHER game today, in about an hour actually. right now im sneaking around with three other people from the team in our school's library, using the computers without telling anyone. We had a quiz today in my new social studies class, and the very last question on it was really funny, ok? here goes: 'hat is your favorite kind of cheese?' lol. it was hilarious. this really bitchy girl in my class was sitting really close to me, and her entire face scrunched up as she tried to make sense of what he wanted from us. he really did want to know what kind of cheese we liked! XD well, it's off to the locker room to get ready! ill post more tomorrow, or the next day, or whenever i can get to a computer. <=]

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Losses And Gains

Ok. It's been a really tiring week (please bear with me and imagine pauses here. the 'comma' key on my crappy old laptop is broken) and tomorrow ends it all. we lost our game against arlington (comma) but they only scored twice against the other goalie in the second half so my record is rebuilding itself after all the shots they took on me! =] i finally talked my way into an honors social studies class so i can escape all the retards that are in my current class. never again will i make the mistake of refusing to apply for honors each year. =/ those are the losses and gains of the last two days (comma) and i hope you all enjoy your Fridays! =]

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Game Week!

Ok! whoohoo! While Varsity is getting their butts handed to them on silver platters, we, the JV team are kicking MAJOR butt! yesterday we won 4-0 against South, and tomorrow, we play Arlington (i have no idea where that is). WOOT WOOT!!! lol. im really excited, and everyone else is really pumped up. tomorrow i get to cut last class to tag along with the Varsity team's earlier game and keep score and time and stuff! im really happy that i get to miss half of bio, but i need to find some food i can get for dinner, because our bus wont get back until at least 8 at night. Hopefully i can get an extra pizza or something at lunch, and just bring that, because i have no idea what i can get that wont spoil before 7. <=/ oh well. i'll figure that out in teh morning. enjoy the rest of the week! =]

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Where did the weekend go?

ok. im really tired right now. i just came back fro my stepmoms office picnic, covered in whipped cream (dont ask) and still tired from staying up all night on the internet. (isnt it amazing who's up and IMing at 4 in the morning?). anyway, right now im procrastinating about 3 hours of HW that i barely started in the last few hours of a gorgeous sunday. im probably going to procrastinate a while longer, but i have to really think about it. i mean, i have another JV field hockey game tomorrow, and i dont really want to feel like 'night of the living dead' when im protecting our goal... so i might get off really soon. ill figure it out eventually. ugh. i really hate all the HW i get in 9th grade, but its bearable because i told my parents i was going to im somebody about the game tomorrow and totally lied and said i had no HW. if i had said that i had HW they would be hanging over y shoulder to make sure i was doing it right. i always do my HW right and i HATE it when people read over my shoulder, but parents just dont get that i guess... well ive really got to get to work now. i want to win tomorrow and try to pick up my un-scored upon record again. =] enjoy the last few hours of Sunday!! =]

Saturday, September 13, 2008

First Field Hockey Game

WHOOHOO!!! we rocked Carmel!!! 3-1. im upset that my record of being unscored upon (as a goalie) is gone now, but they only got one on me! so im not that upset. ill probably add more on this post tomorrow, but right now i really tired and spent the better part of the day sweating my butt off on a turf field under 50 tons of padding in a sun shower, so, goodnight! =]

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Real Week Of School

Ok, our High school is currently shrinking from the "OH MY GOD IT'S THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, THIS PLACE IS HUGE!" size, to the "ok. im still alive, i know the way to my classes, i can do this!" size. i still get kind of lost occasionally, but i do know my way around pretty well, and that's all that counts. =] everything is good so far, and i get to see all my older friends in some classes, and it still seems like we're all still in this summer daze while we're trying to wrap our minds around the fact that summer's over, and school is here. my favorite classes so far are Jewelry design 1, and geometry. you're probably all thinking that im a geek for liking geometry, but i not. i get to see all of my friends in geometry, my teacher is great, and im actually good at math this year! jewelry design is also really cool. it was boring in the beginning because the teacher had to lecture us on using the machinery, but tomorrow we all get to start our first project: making a ring. it sounds really fun, and my partner is this really cute sophomore guy. =]
Field hockey is going great. the running is really hard, but im not giving up. when all the seniors left for their class trip, i had my one real chance of setting a new record for the 3 mile run. i finished first out of the Mt. Carmel. im really nervous, but ive been training for almost a whole month, and i think im ready to begin the season and try to hold my standing goalie record of being un-scored upon! wish me luck! =]

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Last Day Of Summer!

i still can't fully believe that summer's over, but today was freshman orientation, so that is a little more believable. i have so many classes in the huge High School, that i don't really know how I'm going to find them all! some of my sophmore friends gave me a grand tour after pre-season ended, so now i have a vague idea of where i have to go for my classes, but i don't know exactly, so tomorrow, I'm going to be wandering around lost for a while before i get to where I'm supposed to be. wish me luck! <=]