Thursday, April 24, 2008

Three suckish things about spring sports

To me, there are only three things that can ruin the spring sports season.
1) If your team is winning games too easily every single time. It gets really boring, and you think of that sport as 'a waste of time' instead of your favorite sport.
2) If you hate some of the people on your team. It makes playing with them harder, and creates 'cliques' inside your team.
3) If your uniforms are short sleeved, and you get a tan around the edges of it and are left with what my team calls a softball, or farmer's tan.
What do you guys think the worst part about spring sports is?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Softball Game (almost)

Today was supposed to be my school teams first softball game. but of course, with my luck, it was just practice because the other team couldn't get a bus, and last-minute called my coach! So for the entire practice, we were stuck scrimmaging on the same field as the stupis track and field people! since the game was supposed to be an away game, our coach lent the school's only softball field to the track people while their track was being re-painted for their upcoming track meets. so when the other team called to cancel, there was nothing we could do to get the track team off of our field! so there went my entire day! *sigh* At least spring break will be here in three days!! :)

Monday, April 14, 2008


Ok. Today in school, my totally awesome english teacher was teaching us about how writing is sometimes provoked by strong feelings. And so far, the strongest feeling in our class is hate. now, I am thinking, why is that? How come people hate eachother more than like eachother? (Im such a hypocrite. I have my fair share on enemies too) Alot of people hate me, why? I don't know! they just do, and they don't evn know me sometimes! Take Rachel for example, I was friends with her for about two years, and all of a sudden, we both hate eachother, and now, I cooled off, and she still hates me! Whats up with that? is it just some basic human nature to hold a grudge? You know what I say to that? GET A LIFE ALREADY! I forgave and forgot years ago, and here you are giving me a killer death-stare for no apparent reason!! Sometimes I don't get people at all! what about you guys?

*The names of all persons has been changed to protect his/her identity

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Scary movies and boy's egos

Ok. Now that the super-scary Prom Night movie has been released, all of my friends have gone to see it, except me, and two of my other friends who went and saw THE BEST DAMN TOUR at nassau colusium last night. every one of my friends said that they screamed soo loud, but the funny thing was, the boys were screaming even louder than them! but, as soon as the lights went on at the end of the movie, they were all like "That movie wasn't scary! look, the dumb girls are terrified!". seriouly, what's up with that? Are the too masochistic to admit that they were scared, or is it another stupid boy thing?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

3/4 done!

Ok. THANK GOD for spring break, because the rest of the year is so boring that without it, we wouldn't know time was passing! I cant even believe that in 12 weeks exactly (but whose counting?:)) I get to leave this dump of a middle school that Im stuck in and then go to HS!!! Im applying for like 4 honors classes, though im sure that i'll only make 3 of them, and I will be doing Softball (Varsity) and field hockey (JV) on my first year! I know that I'll make varsity in softball because I have been training with the coach and everyone else on my team for the last like 6 years! and I just cant stop freaking out that I get to leave in only 3 months! I paid for my cap and gown today and WTF that National Junior Honnor Society charges you an extra 14 bucks just for a gold sash to wear?!? sorry for the really random post, im really hyper today! ttfn! time to go scare ppl with my sudden random-ness!! :)