Thursday, December 20, 2007


Now 4 a topic that we have all been waiting for, Christmas. Ok, first, what I want,
- 1 pair of caramel Uggs
- 1 white, fur lined, North face Jacket
- 1 100$ gift certificate to Hollister
- 1 50$ gift certificate to Abercrombie
- anything cute!!!
- 2 min. size 1s Cali-Flair jeans from Hollister in either medium or light colors
-something to make our stupid cat stop breaking stuff!!!
Ok, enough of what i want. what do you want?
Also, i have given Lucky a theme song in the melody of "O' Christmas tree!":

O stupid cat, O stupid cat, how stupid is this kitty?
O stupid cat, O stupid cat, how stupid is this kitty?
He climbs up walls, and tears stuff down,
he messes things up and knocks things down,
O stupid cat, O stupid cat, How stupid is this kitty!

See you guys soon!
you know you love me!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Why are cats so stupid?

Our cat, Lucky, is the stupidest cat in the world. if it wasn't for the rubber coating on the electrical wires, I swear that he'd be kitty-toast! well, I have this tall but slim octaganal fish-tank and the opening in the top of the tank is only about 6 inches wide and 4 inches long and somehow he managed to "Fall" through the opening and get stuck. I have no idea how long he was stuck there when I found him, I just know that you have to be pretty stupid to fall through a hole that is smaller than you are!


This is my first blog posting and i just want to say hi to all of you people reading this right now!!!