Wednesday, January 28, 2009


OK!!! I know, I've been gone for a really long time, but it's been a hell of a week and a half. ok, last week sucked. it was basically all midterm review crap, and i got bored of it all, so i decided to make a facebook!!! yay! =] now today, i told my dad about it to avoid a repeat of the meltdown which occurred when my parents found out about my blog. So now i have to watch what i say online cause if i mention things i don't want them knowing, they'll pull the guilt trip on me, and i have this huge soft-spot for that. <=] on Saturday, our newly formed band, Th!rD DeMeNt!oN had it's first official practice. The singer and the lead guitarist came over to my house along with another friend who will be designing our label, and we rocked out from 4, to about 730 when we stopped to grab a piece of pizza on our way out the door to a Battle Of The Bands concert at our county center. we missed the first band entirely, but i was told that we didn't miss much. the second band was Okay-ish. Their lyrics and stage presentation left something to be desired, but the music was alright. the third and fourth bands sucked completely. but the fifth band was ok. The singer was really cute, and the lead guitarist, A completely freaked out and dragged us from the way back of the floor back to the front for their set list. The sixth band was so awful that we decided to go all the way to the back of the center and sit against one of he columns. we were sitting there when the cute singer guy from the fifth band, faded aces was standing like 20 feet away, and A dared me to go talk to him. I said something along the lines of 'you're on', and managed to get out about 2 sentences of crap about his band before asking if i could take a picture for proof. I fiddled with my camera phone for 5 minutes before realizing that it didn't HAVE a flash, so i apologized for making him wait and went back to our pillar, where we all cracked up. the seventh band was AMAZING!!!!! their name is Ever Since, and I swear to you, they are the real deal. its like a mix of the Killers, Paramore, Lifehouse, Blink-182, and a splash of Secondhand Serenade and All American Rejects. I bought their CD, and got all four of them to sign it. =] i've actually been walking around school listening to a WALKMAN just so i can hear their music. anyway, the eighth band was a non-vocal metal band from our school, and they were really good, but they 'experienced some technical difficulties' about halfway through their set list. by the last band, everyone prety much had their minds made up, and Ever Since ended up winning while band number 2 took 2nd. Their name was Noise in the Attic. well, Monday started crazy psycho midterm week, and yesterday i took my english and geometry midterm before getting kicked out of the building at 11. then i was dragged into the city by my mom. i thought she was just dragging me down broadway to run yet another errand for her incapacitated sister, but it turned out we were going for a visit to her old office building. I hadn't seen many of those people in years, and it was actually alot of fun. =] thank god it snowed today, because otherwise i would have been forced to take both a Global history midterm AND a biology midterm in the same day, and my head would have exploded. XP well, today i was talking to a whole bunch of my crazy friends. it was the kind of snowday where you catch up with everybody. =] I hope you all can forgive me, and I PROMISE to start posting more regularly as soon as testing week is over. <=]

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Long Weekend

Ahh, Friday was great, Saturday was long, and Sunday is, well, Sunday. A friend of mine is trying to start a band. She had it all figured out, and asked me to play guitar in it. I'm really excited for this, and There's going to be five of us, Me on rhythm guitar, My brother on drums, Leo, my bass-playing friend, her singing lead, and another friend on lead guitar. =] we're calling it 3rD DeMeNtIoN, and hopefully we can get our act together and send a demo CD around so we might have some chance of getting a gig. =] I'm really excited this weekend, despite how every day feels like Sunday. Ive managed to: Go to a concert and re-animate several dead friendships, do all my homework, and completely rock out on my guitar at band practice. =] see ya!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ugh... Mondays...

I thought Mondays always sucked, but now it's official. Mondays are the WORST day o the week. I'm kind of exaggerating here, but my arms feel like they're going to fall off, and I feel like whining just a little bit. XD I'm dead tired, and I got a whole bunch of stuff dumped on me at the same time. <=[ I stayed up late on Sunday so I could write 2 essays, one for English and one for Global, and I found out last minute that the global essay wasn't due until Friday. Then, I went and didn't do my science homework 'cause I spent so much time writing the two essays. Then I went home, and went pretty much straight to field hockey, where I ran more than I had in pre-season from 3:30 to 5:00. My mom was late for picking me up, so I froze my butt off outside for about 20 minutes. Then At 7:00, I had to be at softball practice until 9:45. When I finally got home I took one look at my backpack, and thought 'fuck it. There is no way in hell that I'd even think about doing homework'. I passed out, and woke up way to early. Ok, i think I'm done venting now. <=] In other news: The 'date' with my bassist friend was a total dud if it was supposed to be romantic in any way, but I had fun. It was nice to get out of the house every once in a while. He's really fun to hang out with. We went to see Yes Man, and then, following our usual 'after-movie thing', got ice-cream. (which in retrospect probably wasn't the smartest idea since it was freezing outside) and walked around for like a half-hour. then we went back to my House and watched ANOTHER movie, plus my annoying little brother showed up. I think it was a quarter to one when we drove him home. It was fun, but in a non-romantic kind of way. =]
right now I'm stuck in computers class wondering with the heck I'm going to do when this course ends at the end of the semester and I want to blog. <=[ this is where I get most of my post-writing done during the weekdays, and the course ends in like 2 weeks when midterms start. Speaking of midterms, I'm getting more and more nervous. it's like a regents exam in the middle of the year, and represents like, an eighth of my entire final grade! =O Oh well. I've still got 2 weeks. gotta go, the bell's ringing! <=]

Friday, January 9, 2009

Snow Delays and Three Day Weekends

Ok it's been a fairly odd week. On Tuesday there was this hail/rain storm, and all the rain and hail kinda froze together into one big solid ice coating all over EVERYTHING, so the high school sent home an automated phone message notifying us of the two-hour-delay quite loudly at 5:30 in the morning. =P And it only went uphill from there when my phone started ringing off the hook as my friend's family's also received the obnoxiously-loud message. Eventually I fell back into a fitful nap for about twenty minutes before the middle school called with yet another automated phone message at around 6:30, and woke everyone AGAIN. When my clock went off at 8:00, I was seriously thinking how my day could have possibly gotten off to a worse start if I had just gotten up at 5:55 like I always do and ignored the presence of the phone call, 'cause I was just as tired as if I stayed up until four in the morning. There's a long story about that, actually: I was home sick one day, and our cable was out, so I was making do with the normal crap they have on the primitive 60 channels everyone gets. And I don't know if you've noticed this before, but there's absolutely NOTHING even REMOTELY interesting on daytime television between 8:00 and 3:00. So i was surfing channels and I came to ABC family, and Gilmore girls was on. I kind of blew off ever seeing that show 'cause I was too stupid to actually give it a chance before I judged it, and I found that I thought it was the funniest non-cartoon show available on TV, and got completely hooked on it. Well, for Christmas, I got a season's collection of it, and I started watching it on the last Friday of the break, and it's like, 24 hours of TV over 6 disks. SO i was watching it, and the eldest of my younger brothers comes into my room playing some stupid bloody war video game on his Nintendo DS, and he's like 'what are you watching?', so I explain it to him, and ten minutes later, we're both sitting on my bed, and sharing a HUGE bowl of popcorn, and watching 18 solid hours out of the 24 before crashing at like 4 am, and waking up at 8:00 the next day. Ok, long story finally over now. So i get to school, and I find out that they're actually making us attend all nine of our classes that day, but since school started at 9:45, and still has to be over by 2:30, each class (excluding lunch) was exactly 27 minutes to make THIS long story short, nobody got any work done a all, all day. Best day ever! XD Wednesday was completely normal; same crap, different day, and everyone found out that superintendent's conference day was moved to this Friday, so suddenly Thursday became Friday ON TOP of Friday being Friday, and all the teachers were pissing and moaning all day about how they 'not only have to be stuck inside ALL day while they could be doing other things 9LIKE WHAT?!?!) AND apparently they were not notified about the 2 hour delay, so they showed up to the building 2 hours too early, and found it locked, and freezing'. I'm completely overloaded with work right, and the only reason I have the time to type out this extremely LONG post is because currently it's about 3:30 in the morning, and I have just completed a second Gilmore girls marathon. XD I know, I have no life, but what are you gonna do, right? Actually, I'm working on re-building my currently non-existing life by inviting another chronically life-less friend of mine to go see a movie with me. My best friend is completely freaking out because this person is someone I dated for a while back (some of you might remember him: the bassist for my band? Maybe not? whatever) and he's been grounded to the point of practically being chained to the house for the past several months, and I finally convinced his parents to let him out for one movie with me. XD so, wish me luck tomorrow (technically later today)!!! =]

Monday, January 5, 2009

SORRY! <=]

Hey! Sorry for taking so long to actually post! I've been busy with a whole ton of projects and vacation crap and other stuff. The vacation is officially over, and now Im back to walking around the same dreary building again. Im looking forward to Friday though, superintendent's conference day has been rescheduled and schools are closed! =] today it's supposed to snow a couple of inches, and then freeze, so if there's a delay tomorrow, I can finally sleep late! Since I don't play a winter sport, I decided to do a Monday softball clinic and Monday indoor field hockey until preseason begins for spring sports. That was a big mistake. We ran like crazy in field hockey yesterday, and then I screwed up my back playing 3 hours of softball. =P oh well, hopefully there's a delay at least tomorrow so I can relax a little! bye! =]