Thursday, May 29, 2008

End of the instrumental year!

I take private guitar lessons at my music school, LAGOND MUSIC SCHOOL, and the year is almost over! on Saturday, we have our end of year concert! I'm going to be playing Kelly clarkson's Breakaway, (from an earlier post) and Green Day's Boulevard Of Broken Dreams! I can't wait to go and perform for all the people at the school, plus parents and other random people! Do you guys play instruments? which ones? keep it up, only if your sure it's what YOU love! =] enjoy the end of the school year! (for those of you who haven't finished yet!)
- Olivia

Monday, May 26, 2008


okay, so this morning, my cat, Lucky, has managed to: knock everything off of my dresser, eat my old SS test, chew through the elastic strap on one of my watches, break my alarm clock, and wake my baby sister all before I got up to shower at 9:30! I really dont know what's wrong with him, but he better fix it, because all the things he did this morning didn't include the rest of the family! not onl did he torture me this morning, but he pissed off almost EVERYONE! he's completely insane! anyone have good pet advice here? because we've tried just about everything, and Im desperate!
P.S.- enjoy the picture! it's Lucky attacking my little brother, Gabriel! this was taken years ago, but it captures the insanity that is Lucky!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Random stuff

Okay, I'm really excited because summer is coming, and there is only 21 school days left for me! in two weeks, we have prom, and on the 26Th, I get to leave my school FOREVER! (my dream come true!) so I'm in a very good mood, and in a very crappy mood. on Friday, I got my braces on the top of my mouth, and now, my teeth are so sore that I cant eat anything! it totally sucks! the only thing I have to look forward to about them is that I'm only cursed with them for a year, maybe a little less! finally, its memorial-day weekend, so I get to do whatever I want for the next three days! enjoy your weekends, and I'll try to start posting more regularly, i was just in a 'blogging-block'. (similar to writers-block) <=]

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers day!

today was mothers day, and in celebration, my annoying older-younger brother* and I went to a Mets game with our mom. it was awesome, but I haven't had time to breathe all weekend! on Saturday, I had my friends Bat Mitzvah, and two of my friends birthdays, and today was mothers day! I hope I never have another weekend so busy! ugh. what did you guys do for your moms on mothers day?

* I have two younger brothers. I am talking about the older of my younger brothers here.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Rainy Weather

Okay. Now, most people think of depression when they think of rain, but I LOVE rain! I love the energy you get before the rain, the smells of spring, and I love when the rain stops and the sun melts the clouds away. I'm writing about this because it's been raining, drizzling and cloudy since Wednesday, and everyone I know is complaining about it! My view on this is with all the people talking about the worst parts of rain, I'm deciding to be one person who writes about the good things about rain. What's your favorite , or least favorite thing about rain?