Monday, July 21, 2008


WHOOHOO!!! sorry i didn't post when i'd promised, but i was really busy! we won!! we are now the first team from little old white plains to EVER win that tournament!!!!!! yeah, the trophy's were really cheap, but we still won!! i was dead tired yesterday after playing, and winning bother games in this 10,000 degree weather, but here i am!! today was awful at work! everyone was really uptight because someone from the city was coming around to make sure we were doing our jobs the right way. and tomorrow we are all going to get yelled at because the guy from the city found lots of people on cell phones. =[. im seriously thinking of calling in sick tomorrow, and have the friend that i carpool to work with just come with me to the pool. the last thing i need in my life right now is more stress.
in other news, we are having a really busy softball week. tomorrow, we have ANOTHER clinic with the varsity team. i know that the clinics are supposed to make us better, but they are really tiring, and its really hot out. on Wednesday, we play greenburgh, NY again. they weren't very good the last time we played them, and their coach yells at them alot. why on earth they would play for a coach that yells at them is beyond me, but they seem to put up with it ok. on Thursday we play rye, and im trying to get ahold of that bassist from my band, Leo, so tat he can come to the game with me. we've gone to a couple of movies together, but i dont get to see him much anymore. =[ so im hoping that he can make it to this game in rye. =]
FRIDAY! not Saturday, but Friday i get to see my little brother again! im probably not going to recognize him at all, but at least ill get to see him again! i REALLY miss him. if i said that 'i actually miss him a little' last post, that was a total lie. i miss him alot and at the end of the week, i actually get to see him again! =]
nothing more interesting happening in my life right now, so i guess ill post again soon*, when i find something interesting to write about! =]
pce- Liv
*NOTE- i didn't put a set date that you can hold me to!!!! so you don't have to worry about me being late for posting anything!!! lol =]

Saturday, July 19, 2008


hey guys, sorry i couldn't post yesterday, i was at my friends birthday party, and my mom thought it was to late to drive me all the way to my dads house in the next town. so, we won our game yesterday, alot to a little. today we won our first game 7-6, and in the second game, so many of our players got injured, that it cost us the game, 13-5. =[ well, at least we are in the championship tomorrow. we face the winning team of the second game, and then we play for the huge trophy. =] well, im really beat, which is weird for me because its only 4:06. if the clock says differently, don't pay any attention to it, because it freaks out. <=] so, i guess i'll write tomorrow, or the next day saying how we killed the other team!
pce- Liv

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer So Far

Nothing much is new. our softball team is rocking some more! we beat Throgs Neck 16-2, and today we beat Harison 7-4. i got a great hit out to left center, but also threw my arm out, which is really gonna suck b/c we start our Pelhem tournament tomorrow, and so far, we have more injured people than healthy people. our short stop has a problem with her hip, but she wont go to a doctor, and she insists on playing. me and my friend Jackie from work both threw our arms out. our catcher has a problem with her ear, and she was in the Urgent Care room for the beginning part of the game, but insisted on being put in. and one of our star pitchers recently broke her wrist, and she got the cast off last month, but her left arm is still really weak! so hopefully our miracle winning streak will continue tomorrow and this weekend, but i dont know. so ill be posting about it tomorrow after i scope out our competition.
Work is actually getting alot better than it was. thats not saying that i never have moments that i feel so mad that i want to rip a kid's head off, but after you spend some time with a kid, you get to know them better, and working with them gets easier. i actually spent the time to learn all 40 names of all the kids i work with all day. it took me a while, but i did it! im really proud of myself for not having to call out 'Hey, Kid!' every other second now that i know their names. =] My friend, jackie has also stopped hating work as much as she used to , but i still have an old enemy working with me, so its pretty hard to keep a 'clean' mouth when we have the same job sometime during the day. but, its getting easier as we pick certain jobs during the day as far away as possible from eachother. *sigh* some things never change, its been like this between us since 3rd grade. and im surprised that she actually remembers what we fought over all those years ago that did this to us, b/c we were good friends, and then we fought, and then, after we became enemies she moved to a different school. this is the first time ive seen her in years.
Anyway, im really missing my little brother. wow, you know, i never thought that i'd ever admit that to anyone, ever!!! usually i just complain about my 12 year old brother, but now, i have nobody to confide in when it's something i cant talk 2 my parents about. like the new skanky thing one of my ex-friends did. well, at least he comes back in like, 2 weeks.
thats just about all tha is happening in my life right now, so ill get back to you tomorrow with the info on the tournament! =]
pce- Liv

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Jobs

ok, i haven't posted for a couple of days, but Ive been REALLY busy! i have a job this summer working at a camp program. its basically the city's elementary level summer school from 8:30-12:30, and then most kids go home, while only like 100 or so stay for the camp from 12:30-3:00. its actually really cool! On the first day, we got to choose what age group we would feel most comfortable working with. i chose the kindergartners, because i have a 5 1/2 year old brother. they're all so cute in the morning. THREE of them in my morning classes have big creepy crushes on me! its really funny how they fight for my attention! =] some of my friends who have drifted pretty far away from my other friends are working at this camp, and Ive gotten closer all over again to some of my former BBF's. and, honestly, i can find nothing wrong with getting paid! =]
In other news, our softball team has been rocking! we are totally undefeated! i am really liking playing left field instead of catcher. its really weird, but playing a new position in a 'set position league' is like running for your life in new shoes. but since i threw my arm out last week, during practice, my coach has been putting me in left, and i got used to it. now, today, all of a sudden, DURING A GAME, he puts me at second. i really DON'T KNOW much about playing second. i made a couple of errors, but then i got the hang of it in time to make the third out. i don't know what he was thinking. i haven't played second base in like, 4 years, since the minors in little league! so it was like breaking in new shoes, in one of the most stressful games of the season so far! i really have to practice at second. this game shows me how much time i spend only on my normal position, catcher, and how little time i spend on all the other positions!
well, its pretty late, so I'm going to go to bed. this way i can be semi-conscious for work tomorrow. <=]
pce - Liv

Friday, July 4, 2008

The 4th Of July

ok, today, i saw my 4Th fireworks show of the week. it gets kind of boring after like 3 shows. 4 is kind of overkill. but today made up for it! i got to set off all these awesome fireworks! since its illegal 2 buy fireworks in NY, we had 2 drive clear 2 Pennsylvania 2 buy them!! it was actually worth it though. we set off all these crazy rockets. on Wednesday, i got 2 go 2 the fireworks @ our HS with the bassist i mentioned last post, Leo. and it was great. i got to see every1 from school, and i got 2 hang out with some other people i don't see often. it was really cool. Thursday, i got my graduation present, an acoustic Taylor guitar. so now i own a fender squire stratocaster, and a Taylor acoustic. my brother is going 2 freak when he comes back from camp and sees that @ my moms house he has an electric drum set. hes a drummer, and @ our dads house there is room for a real drum set. but @ my moms house, there isn't room. so she picked up an electric drum set. and to plug all this in, we bought a great DJ board. all i need 2 buy is a fog machine, and strobe lights for my birthday party in February! =] i can use some of the money I'm earning from my summer job @ a camp 2 buy this stuff, because after what my guitar cost my mom, i don't think she's gonna finance anything for me for a long time. lol anyway, happy Independence day, and i hope to have more time to blog to all you guys later this weekend! <=]