Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sick Days

As the year continues, it brings with it it's problems.

Problem #1: My Health
So far this year, I've already taken 3 sick-days from school for a cold/headache, and according to my sports doctor, I'm extremely lucky to have not broken my leg during the last few days of preseason. right now, i should be home sleeping and having some soup, but instead, because further sick days will require a doctors note, my head is pounding, I'm nauseous and, I'm in school.

Problem #2: My schoolwork/Homework
It's early on in the year but already the laziness of the fourth term is settling in me. when i was out, i neglected to do any of the assignments my friends gave me from class, so here i am in first period study-hall blogging away instead of actually doing my work.

Problem #3: my practicing habits
I don't practice regularly. at all. for music? ill practice whenever i can remember. when working out, ill only practice when one of my friends is there pushing me. the only practicing i do regularly is for sports because it's required...

and getting that off my chest, i can move on to better things...

today we have a game in field hockey, though i doubt ill be able to play. everyone tells me that they need me there, but they just want me there to make them look better. as long as we're not playing some rival school, I'm leaving at lunchtime. the freshie goalie can take it.

currently, my wardrobe is a disaster area. my dad thought it'd be a nice gesture to clean my closet, and i only realized this morning when i shed the sweats and t-shirt i usually wear when I'm sick to something more suitable for classes. i refuse to look like crap in school. anyway, apparently, he moves half my clothes to my brothers closet because 1- my closet is WAY overstuffed, and 2- he doesn't use his; SO i spent about half an hour frantically throwing clothes around my room looking for this one shirt.....

FINALLY. the NyQuil is kicking in; my mom discovered it in the medicine cabinet, and i discovered its mildly alcoholic, so I'm hiding my eyes behind $5 green-rimmed aviators from Canal street.

well, that's the pathetic, short update on my life right now, and ill probably post more tomorrow. it sounds like ill be home again.


Monday, September 7, 2009

after multiple vacations, i am alive and well. well sort of...

Preseason has started up, aka HELL ON EARTH. i swear, if you can survive preseason, you shall be in the best shape of the year, unless youre me. I got through the first week, and most of the second week before getting hurt. (Which is a new record!) i managed to survive the 'peak' days, as i like to call them, when the coaches push limits, and kids are likely to pass out. our peak this year was 3 miles and 100 yard sprints. i pulled through that. the day AFTER, we ran 2 1/2 miles, and on my 8th lap, my leg collapsed under me. after that it felt like i was getting stabbed in the front of the shin with every jogging step i took. i still managed to run the mile and a half the day after that because i didnt want to be benched. the day after that i could barely walk. its been getting progressively worse, and has now affected the other leg as well. my x-rays came back clean, through the doctors think its a stress fracture more than shin splints. i hope theyre wrong... i go for an MRI next weekk, and i can update you on that, but for now, im riding bench for a while...

i have not completed ONE thing i was assigned to do over the summer for classes. not one. my procrastination has reached critical levels, and it must be dealt with soon because school for me starts on the 10th... it should be pretty easy, i mean, 500 word summaries? PLEASE. for those of you who know this, i did NaNoWriMo last year, and i can clear 30000 words a day. (on a GOOD day, on bad day more like 7000, but still) so it should be a snap. damn.... there i go again telling myself i can do it in no time, and pushing it off again!!!

My mom, is currently flipping shit. some of you may remember my bassist friend? well, instead of me crashing on his couch as usual (i occasionally stay over when we're u watching movies until 130), he insisted on crashing on MY floor. my mother was unaware that i stay over at his house semi-regularly, and just had a mini meltdown when she found him asleep in my room... not one of my smartet ideas. if she doesnt throw something at him when he wakes up and leaves, im pretty sure we'll have to meet somewhere OUTSIDE my city from now on.

Went to a Killers concert at PNC bank arts theater in NJ on wednesday! it was my best friend's birthday present, and we screamed out lungs out for 4 hours. completely epic. the opened with are we dancers and encored with when we were young. just thought id add that since it was so amazingly awesome :)

warming up my vocabulary and writing skills for NaNoWriMo again this month. Im FINISHING it this year if it kills me! :) thats about it for now...

song: wake me up when september ends - Green Day
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