Sunday, August 31, 2008

End Of Summer

I cant believe that summer is almost over already! it still feels like the begining of july when me and all my crazy friends were so bored that we'd all group up at my house and try to think of something to do! now there's only 3 days left of summer!!!! my life is about to become so much more busy and complicated at highschool. thank god i know people in higher grades there because freshman here are treated roughly. what with sports, and music, and homework, i dont know how often ill be able to blog on here with all of you! <=/ so this is sort of a cross between a goodbye post, and a warning, that even though i will be here, and reading like always, i dont know when ill be able to post anything new, or worth reading until i get settled in at my new school. now, its labor day sunday and i intend to live it up for all its worth! i still have three days to mess around with my psycho friends before i get slammed with a ton of commitments so im going for it all!!! =]


Thursday, August 21, 2008

random thoughts

i copied this from Taffy's blog. =]

001. real name → olivia
002. nickname → Liv
003. single or taken → single
004. zodiac sign → Pisces
005. male or female → female.
006. elementary → Post Road
007. middle → anonymous
008. highschool → anonymous
010. long or short → long nails. Medium long, layered hair
011. are you a health freak → uhh, no
012. height → 5'2
013. do you have a crush on someone → a couple.
014. do you like yourself → most of the time.
015 piercings → ears.
016. tattoos → maybe. eventually.
017. righty or lefty → right.

018. first surgery → noo.
019. first piercing → 13.
020. first best friend → jackie!
021. first award → perfect attendance, kindergarten
022. first sport you joined → soccer, kindergarten
023. first pet → cat, Stella
024. first vacation → florida
025. first concert → Bon Jovi
026. first crush → Nick

027. eating → pez?
028. drinking → no
029. i'm about to → leave for my dads house
030. listening to → mom mutter to herself and collide, by howie day
031. wearing → old vintage top, and tan shorts.
032. mood → bored, anxious

033. want kids → yep.
034. want to get married → hopefully...
035. careers in mind? → doctor
036. see yourself in 4 years → Harvard pre-med.
037. college → Harvard Pre-med

038. lips or eyes → warm eyes.
039. hugs or kisses → kisses.
040. shorter or taller → slightly taller
041. romantic or spontaneous → spontaneous.
042. nice stomach or nice arms → your supposed to pick!?!
043. sensitive or loud → sensitive
044. hook-up or relationship → i like relationships better
045. trouble maker or hesitant → trouble maker.

046. kissed a stranger → noo0
47. drank bubbles → um... yeah?
048. lost glasses/contacts → yes.
049. ran away from home → for brief periods of time
050. broken any bones → arm. Last year. It sucked
051. broken someone's heart → nope.
051. been arrested → nope.
052. turned someone down → jens
053. cried when someone died → yes.
054 liked a friend → all the time (GUYS people!! Guy friends!!)
055. drank egg nog → every christmas.
056. gone to therapy → nope.
057. played spin the bottle → 6th grade
058. toilet papered someone's house → every halloween
059. liked someone but never told them → yes
060. spied on someone → maybe XD
061. stolen anything → pack of gum once. 5th grade
062. gone camping → somewhere in Pennsylvania
063. had a crush on your sister's friend → little sister=1 year old. nooo
064. gone to a nude beach → noo
065. gone streaking → maybe
066. had a stalker → only 1 cute, sort of stalker ;)
067. gone skinny dipping → every summer.
068. laughed so hard you cried → yeah. then either i fell over, or milk came out my nose :)
069. gone to a party → regrettably.
070. been in love → obsessive, not love
071. felt betrayed by your best friend → yeah, unfortunately
072. lied to your parents → alot.
073. been out of the us → yup
074. thrown up from working out → nope. just felt nauseous
075. gotten a haircut so bad that you wore hat → wish i was smart enough to wear a hat. 2 years ago. nightmare
076. 3 meals from 3 different fast food places → uh, no
077. done anything hurtful to your classmate → no, other way around
078. been cheated on by someone → um, no

079. yourself → all the time.
080. miracles → yep
081. love at first sight → lust first.
082. heaven → i don't know.
083. santa clause → no
084. angels → i don't know.
085. kissing on the first date → yes.
086. sex before marriage → um... yes?

087. is there one or more people you want to be with right now → sort of
088. had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time → nope
089. do you believe in God → the hell do you answer that?

090. smell → my acoustic guitar
091. sound → my acoustic guitar.
092. movie → live free or die hard
093. clothing item → my black billabong tank top
094. clothing store → cant decide

095. still talk with the first person you dated → often
096. are you obsessed with someone → im always obsessed with someone! =]
097. best thing about your job → summer camp counselor- all the little kids automatically love you! (not like that, in a cute way)
098. like more than one person right now → sort of.
099. any compliments today → ‘you’re an amazing catcher’, and ‘you must be smart to be in honors bio’
100. next vacation → florida
101. friends guys or girls → both.
102. own any furniture from ikea → my crappy desk, and our dining room table
103. last book you read → breaking dawn
104. super power → psychic.
105. lived most of your life → new york.
106. why is the sky blue → idk… because it reflects the water?
107. last song you listened to → collide, howie day
108. if you could be anywhere right now where would it be → sunrise resorts, connecticut
109. mood → still bored and anxious
110. plans for tomorrow → swimming =]
111. last time you slept for more then 12 hours → 6 days ago

copy it if you want.

pce - Liv

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Enjoying The Sun

hey! i hope wherever you are is as sunny as it was here today! we had the most amazing day ever! i actually woke up before housekeeping kicked me out of the house @ 10:30, and i got down to the snack shop for an ACTUAL breakfast!! =] i know, you're all thinking: wow<=/, but ive been up until like, 4 EVERY DAY, so for me to be up before 10 is a big thing! i got to spend alot of time with my baby sister, and ill try to get a picture of her on here, if i cant, sorry, but ill try, what more can you ask of me? =]

ok, there. i think the picture will come out. it isnt a recent picture, but that's me playing with her on our couch @ home. im still staying in our cabin here at Sunrise Resorts.

later today i played a softball game, just for fun. staff vs. guests. =] i killed the ball, but we still got our butts kicked! <=] it was fun, and then i watched 'national treasure 2' in the echo center, which doubles as a theater. right now, im back in the snack shop typing this on my dads crappy laptop in the only room that gets WiFi. just a quick update, and now, im really tired, so im probably gonna go listen to my iPod until i fall asleep. =]

Pce - Liv

Monday, August 11, 2008


ok, im sorry i haven't posted in like, FOREVER, but i was on vacation with my mom, and i didnt have my computer. <=] anyway, work ended on the 1st, and softball ended on the 31st, so i had nothing to worry about all week last week. this week im luckier. my dad brought the laptop im working on, and this place we're vacationing in has free WiFi. =] last week my mom took me and my older younger brother to Myrtle beach. we spent the week doing nothing and playing course after course of mini-golf. it was SOOO hot there compared to NY, but a good thing about that was, it was too hot for the mosquitoes. we got home @ like midnight, and the next day we had to pack for our vacation with our dad to Sunrise resorts in Connecticut. its pretty much the same as it was last year, so things are pretty quiet around here. Not that that's a bad thing! after my hectic summer, boring and relaxing is JUST what i need. so im going to go soak up the sun!!!! =]
Pce - Liv