Thursday, August 6, 2009


Ok, the reason i seemingly havent posted in FOREVER is because my family has dragged me on a cross country road trip! and before you think that this is actually a really cool thing, let me describe it in detail:

We spent on average no less than 3 hours in a green minivan every day. we stay in cheap motels and crappy 'family resort' campgrounds. (aka trailer parks) my little brothers are sitting behind me in the back of the car ad are always fighting over some stupid thing or another. my baby sister is sitting next to me in the other bucket seat and when she's not asleep, she's screaming bloody murder. my dad andmy step-mom are in the front seats arguing over the internet connections that are few and far between and blasting weird music that was popular when the 80's were in a bad way.

it sucks


If you want to hear THEIR side of the trip, you can visit THEIR blog (yes i know its creepy for parents to have blogs) at

guarantee you its probably the opposite of how i feel about the whole trip. so until the trip is over, my posting will be short and irregular, but im near mount rushmore now, so ive gotta go!

song: Loose Lips - Kimya Dawson
mood: slightly irritated and tired
inspirational quote: "The sun never sets on a badass" - annonymous
funny quote: "I always manage to enter a convertaion at the wrong time, and the of course, my dirty mind takes over." - annonymous



taffy. said...

it's excellent. promise.

Sydney said...

cold, much?

well, i guess not in the summer. anyway, sorry to hear about the unsuccessful trip.

and i'm really diggin' the fact that your parents have blogs.

my step mom had a blog for about 2 and 1/2 weeks until she ditched it for facebook.

i think that's even weirder...