Friday, February 5, 2010

forgive me im trying to find my calling im calling at night

lalalaaaa im sort of here, sort of nowhere. blogging holds less of an interest for me these days!! :( im sad about that! i miss wanting to post anything and everything!!!

whatever. life hasnt changed much. still avoiding contact with my parents, still loving music and sports and my friends. kinda branching out a lil more into the arts. trying to fix my awesome little welding statue which broke, and well, yeah! thats about it haha

field hockey has been over for months. still want to play a little though. might go to a few indoor sessions. softball is in full-on training though. tryouts in exactly one month from monday... (O.O) very afraid... i want to make varsity but with my injury record, my chances shrink every day :( ill give it my best, what else can i do? hm..... our little band fell apart, though i still hang with bass-guy alot. like i practically live at his house and his parents love me so i usually crash there XD

OOH! there was this NOH8 campaign in NYC the other day and i went with him and a couple of his friends to have our pictures taken! it was awesome! NO H8 IN MY ST8! which is a total lie, unfortunately... there was some religious biggot across the street (cause the cops relocated him from the actual block we were lined up on) and looked like he wanted to throw bibles at us... jerk... at least the bus driver who stopped behind him had a sense of humor and had a rupauls drag race ad on the side of the bus :) good for a laugh every once in a while.

so if any of you still have enough patience to stop by, i welcome it! haha and i know i cant make up for all the ground ive lost with ya, and i cant swear to even post regularly at all, but im sort of-not really-kinda here-kinda not-crazy-unmotivated. take your pick :)

~you Liv once...

(and yes, the title is lyrics from an all time low song...)


Anonymous said...

You were actually the first person to comment on my blog...ever. :) Glad to see if your doing okay, even if you don't have an interest to post.

Keep in touch, do you add Bloggers on Facebook?

ali Bella said...

LIV!!!! You're back! OMG! yayyayayayaya! im good. how are you?!?!?!! (: